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Friday, December 14, 2012

Preventable Children Deaths - All Gun Violence is Preventable

It's time to prevent all gun violence deaths.

While President Obama justifiably weeps for the nation in his response to the senseless Sandy Hook Elementary School killings in Newtown Connecticut, the brutal fact remains - these senseless innocents, murdered, are among the spiraling number of preventable deaths perpetrated by crazy people who manage to gain access to guns. Without guns, all - ALL, the deaths by guns would never have happened, the victims would not be among the growing litany of preventable gun related deaths.

Twenty-eight people are murdered and 20 of them are innocent children, as a result of yet another mad man who somehow gained access to guns.  

Anyone who supports the National Rifle Association's obstruction of gun control regulations are tangentially complicit in these and all the other heinous gun violence crimes.  

All gun violence can be prevented if the National Rifle Association would support gun control.  Mentally ill people should be kept so far away from guns as to somehow create either an electrical bolt or a poisonous response by getting close to a gun.  

President Obama listed the growing number of preventable violent events:  movie theater, shopping mall, schools, Jewish community center.....we are a nation in perpetual mourning.

It makes virtually no sense.

One common theme runs throughout all gun violence deaths, ie. access to guns.

Those who oppose gun regulations under the false assumption that "guns don't kill, people do", share the blame for those who are senselessly dead.  

Without guns, people are unable to commit gun violence. Right wing and conservative "gun rights" zealots must, once and for all, stop their senseless defense of guns.



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