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Friday, June 08, 2012

New Majority Agenda- Time and What I Learned About the US Public Debt

National debt has successfully become a pseudonym for spending.  It's a psychological slight of hand accomplishment, sending political strategists into salivation overdrive. 

Creators of the national debt pseudonym took a complicated economic concept and created something else. They're Clockwork Orange delinquents who want to dismantle programs for the public good.

Another misnamed New Majority Agenda negative ad now over-playing on TVs near you, shows a clicking watch against the US deficit numbers in a chart. This incendiary clock suggests a natural disaster is impending. This deceitful misrepresentation of information fails to educate the public about when this debt began.  

Simple Google checking taught me how the national debt began in 1791, after the American Revolutionary War. Of course, there were years when the US erased our national debt, but the concept of "having" a national debt wasn't totally equated with public spending.  Rather, most national debt years were associated with paying bills for wars, like the War of 1812 or the American Civil War.  In the past, deficits were reduced or eliminated by post war prosperity buoyed by peaceful economic confidence and a response by the US Congress to raise revenues.

Cutting government spending for the purpose of doing political harm wasn't a consideration in past deficit resolutions.  

Now, the New Majority Agenda suggests our nation's current debt is related to less than four years of this presidential administration. Even more toxic, the ad indicates this issue will trigger a catastrophe.  

Well, the impending catastrophe won't be entirely related to the national debt. Rather, the ticking ad clock is like a Clockwork Orange scenario in the making. The national debt pseudonym is a concoction of right wing politicians and their rich puppeteers to negatively influence public opinion until they gain enough power to destroy progressive policies. Their singular purpose is to achieve the status of becoming destructive economic delinquents. 

Like in the Anthony Burgess novel, the promoters of the national debt pseudonym for spending are on a destructive rampage to dismantle all social programs supporting the public good.

I'm mystified about why these Clockwork Orange political delinquents won't spend their money helping the poor, instead of dismantling government, but power does crazy things to people's minds.  

A New Public Good Majority Agenda should be created, to promote progressive economic policies to support the social responsibility of government to help it's people.  

Rather, a pseudonym for the New Majority Agenda should be "investment". 

In other words, a New Public Good Majority Agenda should promote investment in people. 

Moreover, the ticking time piece in the ad should mark successful efforts to improve our human condition by adopting progressive social policies.  

Political strategists who created the negative New Majority Agenda ads use expensive television time to misrepresent economic policy, when they could, instead, apply their destructive creativity for a greater good and improve our human condition.


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