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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

President Obama - Spirited Leadership in Difficult Times

Many Republicans give the word "grumpy" a bad name. Their scowls sink listeners into despair, because they stumble when asked to say anything good or uplifting.  

Senator McConnell, Congresswoman Bachman and Congressman Ryan must practice public speaking with a severity meter. Sound waves from their harrumphing demeanor might even scratch eardrums.

In contrast, President Obama carries an infectious smile to his audiences.  His professional demeanor is consistent, his spoken English is perfectly lovely and he can even sing a serendipitous charming tune.

Although news media salivate at the opportunity to mock US Presidents when they flounder, little news is made about President Obama's ability to remain optimistic, spirited and consistently professional, regardless of the situation.

Ted Turner founder of CNN international news was widely quoted on his interview with Piers Morgan, because he spoke about loosing Jane Fonda and his passion for protecting the environment. Yet, Turner also made this observation on President Obama's steadfast leadership.

Transcript: "MORGAN: What do you think of President Obama? How is he doing?  TURNER: I like him. I like him. I -- he's had an extremely difficult job. And I think he's done amazingly well and he's got his spirits up, and he did -- he never gets discouraged, which is really important in a leader, particularly a leader that's leading us in times of great difficulty."

Certainly, challenging economic times impact everyone adversely, so it's helpful for a leader to project pleasantness, honesty and integrity.  President Obama's infectious smile can't cure our nation's ills,  but his spirited leadership can, at least, create a tone of optimism and hope.  Although the nation's abundant right wing "nay sayers" thrive on denigrating President Obama, often lying to gain media attention, they're unable to lower his high energy level or his personal popularity with the general public.  

Middle Class Americans need uplifting leadership, especially given the Republican agenda to destroy programs that allow us to participate in the American dream of achieving success. Republicans want to cut Medicaid and Medicare while supporting expensive defense projects.  Who benefits from defense projects?  The rich, that's who.  We need a leader who defends our middle class against  assaults by venture capitalists who are vigilant about finding financial opportunities for their rich colleagues.

President Obama's spirited leadership has the right uplifting tone for our challenging economic and divisive political times.  Although Republicans work overtime to bring Obama down, they fail to provide Americans an alternative.  

Rather than lift us up, their response is to project pessimism through grumbling and whining. Their obstructionist public policies are focused on cuts to middle class programs like Medicare, student loans, military benefits, repairs for our nation's infrastructure, farm subsidies, Head Start for children and public education programs, to name a few.

President Obama's spirited leadership and uplifting speeches are the perfect anecdote to pervasive Republican grumpiness.  

Ted Turner's positive quote about President Obama should receive more media attention than his remorse about loosing Jane Fonda.

Difficult times deserve uplifting leadership - think Winston Churchill.....



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