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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Planned Parenthood and Double Speak Politics

Republican founders of the women's health group Planned Parenthood were unknown to me until I saw Cecile Richards explain the origins on MSNBC's Morning Joe.

Richards, president of Planned Parenthood, was a guest on Wednesday's Morning Joe (May 30) to discuss a political ad endorsing President Barack Obama for president because, she said, "Mitt Romney is out of touch and wrong for women.”

She explained Planned Parenthood's Republican origins, but now its under attack by right wing extremists who are eating away at the very institution their conservative founders supported.

In fact, Peggy Goldwater, wife of the conservative icon and former Presidential candidate Barry Goldwater, was among the group's first Board of Directors.  

But, now, Republicans are speaking against Planned Parenthood. 

I don't understand how Republicans can accept this double speak. Opposition to Planned Parenthood is right wing gobbledygook. 

Yet, many Republicans continue to support Planned Parenthood, in spite of the party's right wing attempt to destroy the group because they provide women with reproductive health care (well, that's what they say, anyway - I believe there's a threat to right wing dogma somewhere in their vitriolic opposition.). 

Responsible Republican women speak in support of Planned Parenthood at this website:

"An essential community provider of lifesaving primary and preventive care, Planned Parenthood represents the very best of traditional Republican values — which is why so many Planned Parenthood health centers were founded by Republicans years ago. Republicans for Women's Health are proud to support this vital American institution, which safeguards women’s rights to control their reproductive health and destinies from government interference, and provides necessary care that enables women to plan their families and lead productive lives."

By turning on a program their conservative ancestors founded, right wing Republicans demonstrate ignorance about social issues. They don't get that providing access to preventive health services will deter expensive consequences.

Republicans who support Planned Parenthood do so because the care provided prevents unwanted pregnancies and, thereby, brings down health care costs. Women's preventive health is among the most cost effective ways of providing health care - in other words, caring for women before they are pregnant allows them to be healthier when they choose to become mothers and teaches them how to care for their reproductive health so they can be self reliant citizens.

Moreover, right wing extremists who oppose Planned Parenthood's revenues through Medicaid funding are showing disrespect to their conservative founders, who understood the benefits, and costs, associated with caring for young women during their reproductive years.  

Richards emphasized  how no federal funds pay for abortion.

Even more convoluted double speak goes to the root of the funding for all federal programs - like defense monies, for example, are obtained from the same tax pot as funding designated for Planned Parenthood.  It makes no sense for right wing extremists to support defense spending, designed to defend our nation by killing our enemies, but oppose protecting the health of women who give birth to future generations.

Planned Parenthood is endorsing President Barack Obama through a political ad campaign identifying the wrong mindedness of Republican attacks on women's reproductive health.  

"Romney has said in the past that he would 'get rid' of Planned Parenthood and eliminate funding for the Title X Family Planning program that provides family planning, including contraceptives, and related preventative health services to low-income families through a network of independent clinics, faith-based organizations, and community health centers. Title X was enacted in in 1970 – by Republican president Richard Nixon."

Straight talking and clear thinking Republicans should know better than to support political double speak about Planned Parenthood.  Otherwise, the fall's 2012 national elections will awaken women voters to the danger of electing a right wing administration, who are out of touch with women's issues. 

Women voters won't abide double speaking politicians who overtly want to destroy their access to reproductive health care - especially for working low income women who need Planned Parenthood to remain healthy.



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