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Friday, June 01, 2012

Paid Screamers in Boston and Adolescent Behavior Continues - New Low for Political Discourse

There's troubling information in Psychiatric Times about bullying behavior - both the bully and the victims are studied for long term mental health issues.

So, grown up bullies continue to be studied, but we don't know if Governor Mitt Romney is among the research group. (Psychiatric Times is free to register on line to read the entire article.)

One term Governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney lowered the standard of political discourse by directing paid staffers to scream incoherently on the steps of  the Boston Capitol (where Romney once had an office) while Democratic speaker David Axlerod spoke to President Obama's supporters.  Romney even admitted knowing about it!

Moreover, Romney's screamers blew bubbles while Axlerod spoke- what? bubbles? What's more adolescent than that?

This political bullying is like playground kids gleaning pleasure by harassing others, just because they can! 

Clearly, Romney isn't grown up enough to hear, and didn't want others to listen, to Axlerod's opinion about his record as Massachusetts governor.

A pattern of troubling bullying behavior is evident in Romney's developmental adolescent years. His past aggressive behavior was recently described by a victim of a bullying assault Romney participated in when a gang forcibly cut the hair of a victimized young man.  Although this bullying is corroborated by those involved, the conservative media continues to down play this incident.

Clinical or media reports about bullying notwithstanding, Romney's support of paid thugs in Boston lowered the political discourse bar yet again. Apparently, negative campaigns alone aren't gaining momentum fast enough to help Romney's fund raising goals with right wing supporters. Romney's donation button on his website probably went into right wing overdrive after the adolescent bubble blowing-screaming was broadcast on television.

For the curious who want to know how psychiatric researchers describe the consequences of bullying behavior on victims and the perpetrators, I recommend the free article in the above link to Psychiatric Times

Both Republican and Democratic campaigns are setting up an incendiary precedent for this summer's nomination conventions if this adolescent behavior is allowed to continue.

Americans deserves leaders who behave like mentally healthy adults who support civil political discourse.



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