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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Money in Right Wing Politics- Like Geiger Counters in a Uranium Field

While Wisconsin voters were inundated with over $30 million to sustain the term of right wing governor Scott Walker, his colleague Governor Romney was raising even more money to win the White House by attending a fund raiser in Texas at the Belo Mansion, a home where paintings created by Adolf Hitler were among the owner's artifacts.

But wait, there's more, writes Dallas News Reporter Wayne Slate. 

"Outside, should Romney get an opportunity to wander the grounds, is a garden of tyrants. Crow has collected busts and statues of famous dictators of the past, which he displays with a certain elan on the lawn. There’s a head of Stalin, a rare statue of Fidel Castro, a towering Lenin and various other bad guys expropriated from their countries of origin."

President's Obama's effigy would be on the chopping block, put there by right wing political zealots, if he were the candidate entertained and funded at an event where Adolf Hitler's heinous legacy was portrayed in art.  Obviously, Republicans and many charmed by their right wing messaging, are enchanted by money and the candidates they bribe with their decadently legal campaign contributions.

Let's be honest, Governor Scott Walker didn't retain his seat because he's a strong or even a good politician.  He was propped up by huge amounts of money, out raising Democrats by $30 million reported, to only $3 million in chump change for the challenger Mayor of Milwaukee.  In the corporate world, Governor Walker would have been fired long ago for lack of leadership, destroying his state's morale and dividing his constituency. But right wing money keeps him his job. He was bought at a high end retail price.

So, where does all this money flow from?  Koch Brothers apparently have a cottage industry making funds available to their selected right wing darlings.

American voters must understand that campaign finance laws are merely sink holes of opportunity for politicians to legally accept bribes.  Our 2012  fall election will be about who has enough money to win votes- it's worse than strong armed dictatorship at polling stations. There's no need to witness brutal beatings of innocent voting victims, because money talks louder and more seductively than any amount of violence to influence voters.

This fall's election for President and US House of Representatives will be more about the political influence of money in our Democracy than about how the economy impacts middle class voters.

On the hypocrisy meter, wealthy magnates who salivate at their political influence like spectators at a carnival peep show, would rather drown politicians in campaign contributions than share their wealth to improve the human condition.  Their hypocrisy meters are chaotic, like Geiger counters in a uranium field.

Like any natural resource, eventually there will be an end to the amount of money people of wealth can muster to pay for their powerful political whims.  All humans, even the Koch Brothers, are mortals who will eventually meet their retribution, regardless of how long it takes for justice to come around to judging them.  Meanwhile, they and their amazingly rich colleagues (and Hitler art collectors) must feel like the bride groom after ingesting an aphrodisiac as a result of the outcome of the Wisconsin recall election - their influence is now the political equivalent of right wing politics on steroids. 

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