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Monday, June 04, 2012

Economic Recovery Defines This Generation

Our parents and grandparents generations sought inspiration from magnificent leaders of their challenging times. 

President Obama is the leader who put a laser beam on Osama Bin Laden and transcended Pakistan's international sovereignty to kill the evil terrorist leader.  Now, he needs the same boldness to lift the nation's economic recovery.

Surely, President Obama has the charisma and the capacity to lead our generation into economic recovery, and redefine our generation.

Children of The Great Depression of the 1930s reflect today on the inspired leadership of Franklin D. Roosevelt. The Greatest Generation of World War II, defined by journalist Tom Brokow, were globally inspired by Sir Winston Chuchill, who said, "We have just begun to fight", during the dark days of the Blitz on London.  Our current generation, defining our children and grandchildren, yearns for this kind of inspired leadership.

President Obama is capable of inspired leadership to lift the world during our current economic recovery. Hopefully, he'll be bold enough to rise above sports analogies like "step up to the plate" or "slam dunk" to transcend the economic bleakness currently defining today's generation.  He needs revitalized language, like President John Kennedy created when he put "rising tides lift all boats" into the public domain.

Although the President's past "stimulus" was successful giving the economy a short lived boost, the impact of the initiative didn't reach enough small businesses to make a difference in small towns across America.  Auto industry notwithstanding, including the ripple effect of associated jobs, hasn't done much to resurrect the City of Detroit.

Obviously, money hasn't been enough.

Americans need Roosevelt-Churchill inspirational leadership.

President Obama as nothing to loose and everything to gain by going bolder than bold. He has the ability to set the tone for a generation defined by struggles to find out what economic recovery feels like. This requires more than attending fund raisers.  His bully pulpit needs a second political wind to lift us beyond the economic recovery that absorbs the daily lives of our current generation.

Pundit Chris Matthews observes how Governor Romney is an uninspiring leader - yet, even his dull robo-tone might put him in the White House. "Is the economy so bad (that) not particularly well liked Romney could beat Obama?"

President Obama has the skills, he accomplished an astounding leadership defining moment - he ordered the destruction of Osama Bin Laden.

Now, the President's focus on economic recovery should be just as laser sharp. 

President Obama must override Republican obstructionism in as bold a manner as he ordered Pakistan's sovereignty ignored when he sent Navy Seals into the Abbottabad.

Our economic recovery must define our children and grandchildren's generation. President Obama has the inspirational skills to raise all boats by exerting bold domestic leadership.

Give Americans clear goals to vote for in 2012. Republicans need to be on the defensive about their greedy regressive tax policies.  But, more important, Americans need for President Obama to inspire us into economic recovery.

(Today's June 4th tweet from President Obama is a good start -



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