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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Maine's Angus King Submits Ballot Signatures for Senate Run as an Independent!

AUGUSTA Maine - A joyous 150 supporters crowded into the American Legion Post 2 in Augusta to cheer and congratulate Governor Angus King for his over the top number of petition signatures, thereby qualifying for the November election's Senate Campaign to fill the seat of retiring Senator Olympia Snowe.  
"We're on the ballot!," campaign manager Ann Rand announced to the cheering audience.

Speaking to supporters, King talked about the importance of supporting his Independent candidacy to help break political deadlock in the US Congress, where legislative compromise has been elusive.  "We need to create a dialogue for compromise!," said King.  

In fact, the nation's founding fathers reached important compromises during the 1787, at the US Continental Congress when they met at the Philadelphia Convention. During their deliberations, the Colonial patriots reached important compromises in their deliberations, especially creating the two houses of Congress - the House and the Senate, thereby, reaching difficult decisions to create the government we live under today.

Enthusiasm for King's Independent political messages is bringing together Republican, Democrat and Independent voters.

In anticipation of negative campaigning by his political opponents following June's Democrat and Republican primary elections, King asked supporters to stand up against political attacks.  "Feel free to write and set the record straight. Please speak out against negative campaigning," he said.  King's campaign intends to conduct a positive election campaign.

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