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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

New Majority Agenda is a Majority of Lies- Response by a Detroit Reader

A New Majority of Agenda political action ad uses loads of money and deceptive video tactics to describe an agenda that doesn't exist.  Grown children don't move back home to live because of President Obama's "failed economic policies".  Young adult children were moving back home since before Bill Crosby lamented the return to nest syndrome in his hit television show of the 1980's-90s!  

Detroit Michigan blog reader Maureen Paraventi responded to my blog about the the New Majority Agenda. I describe the softly presented negative ad as an irresponsible use of campaign finance money to create Urban Legends. In other words, to tell lies.

Moreover, the decadent amount of money paid to air the lying ad is obviously spent by a majority of right wing zealots. They're spreading a majority of lies using money they wouldn't dare allow politicians they bribe with campaign finance legalities to use for helping the poor, those needing help through circumstances out of their control, or the sick who can't afford health care without the essential coverage of Medicaid and Medicare..

Paraventi writes, "Juliana: I was puzzled by the reference to the strangely named New Majority Agenda in the ads which are currently running about every four minutes on TV. It's obviously an election ad -- although it tries hard to hide the fact.

Googling brought me to your blog. I really enjoyed your analysis - it was extremely insightful. I have to wonder, though how many people will be taken in by those deliberate distortions.

However, I've gotta say that it's amusing to watch that mother morph into middle (old?) age with the aid of a bad wig!"

At first, the ad feels like a modern television remake of "Leave it to Beaver", the 1950s series idealizing American family life.  It opens with two bouncing pre-adolescent children playing basketball in their middle class home's driveway while a mother ponders their future.  This mother actor concludes that President Obama is to blame for her children being unable to get jobs or a home because he is doing something to her family.  

It's impossible for President Obama to be responsible for the acting woman's concerns, because there's no way he'll be president when the children she muses over are adults looking for jobs or buying homes.  This actress's hair will truly be grey when her pretend children are adults.

Blog reader Paraventi also explained her personal story about how President Obama's economic recovery initiatives helped her to secure a job after being laid off from her job:  

She was laid off four years ago -- in the heart of the recession in Michigan. 

"Via a program created by the (state's) previous governor (darn that government spending!), I applied for and received funds to go back to school, get trained in an entirely new field and get a new job -- something I keep getting told doesn't happen for people over 50. I am, once again, a tax-paying, fully employed citizen."

"The name of the program I received funds from was No Worker Left Behind. It was initiated by Gov. Jennifer Granholm, who was criticized for spending money when Michigan was in desperate financial straits. The program was eliminated by Granholm's successor, Gov. Rick Snyder. The money wasn't simply handed out. Applicants had to participate in a series of career workshops which involved evaluating one's aptitudes and researching which fields would have job openings in the future. We also had to determine which schools or programs would provide us with the necessary training/education, research what their placement rates were like, etc. Only after all that was done could we even apply for the funds."

She will forever be grateful to Governor Jennifer Granholm.

Unfortunately, more people like Maureen Paraventi need to speak out against the majority of lies spread by the New Majority Agenda. 

One unexpected outcome of The New Majority Agenda negative ad is the surprising number of hits my blog received as a result of people searching for responses to the lies. I doubt the right wing supporters of the ad enjoy knowing how their lies are promoting my blog responses.

More important, Maureen Paraventi's story is a truthful account about how President Obama's economic policies have been successful - her story is a majority of truth.

Nonetheless, I'm saddened knowing how millions of people quickly leap to believe the majority of lies in negative campaign ads.


Blogger AutumnRagamuffin said...

The website listed at the bottom of the ad sends you to The New Majority California.
Is this organization from California airing ads across the country? And who the hell is funding them?!

4:53 PM  
Blogger Juliana Maine Writer said...

Dear AutumnRagamuffin - we don't know who or what is funding them because the Supreme Court Citizens United doesn't require disclosure. The ads are horribly wrong, yes, running throughout the US right now. Julie

5:00 PM  
Blogger Ann Mahaney said...

There motto should be, of the corparation and by the rich.

9:27 AM  

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