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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Montana: Bozeman Daily Chronicla letter- Disgraceful president

Montana resident writes with visceral passion about Donald Trump.  This "echo" from Bozeman Daily Chronicleletter to the editor, is posted here because of the depth of emotion emanating from such a beautiful place in America.  I've been to the Yellowstone Gateway region. This letter rises out of what appears to be a natural haven, where the beauty of God's creation rests.

How can I forgive this disgrace of a president?

By Mirna Osterberg  Jul 6, 2017
Gallatin Gateway, Montana*How am I supposed to forgive this, this—I won’t say “man”—this gross thing disgracing the White House, humiliating our nation, pointing his little fingers, making foul sounds at everybody and everything?

Can you forgive a criminal who feels no remorse—and actually believes himself to be good?
How can I forgive someone who wants the rich to get richer—as usual, by making the poor suffer more? Who wants to take away my Medicaid? Who wants public lands to be given over to private developers—like himself?

This foul-mouthed bully, who wants more pollution to fill our air and soils and waterways? Why should I forgive him? I know I will never ever support him. How do I forgive the people who voted for him?

This fiend who gives moral and military support to repressive foreign powers? Who makes women suffer and wants to take away their right to abortion? Who doesn’t believe in global warming?

This traitor to democracy who wants to suppress voting among poor and colored people? Remember, we’re all frauds and losers in his mind—we, the people who oppose his viciousness to our cores!

How can I forgive a person who spends his time pressing keypads with his thumbs to make vile digital blurts that belittle, berate, harass and harangue anyone who dares oppose his noxious policy ideas? Instead of doing his job?

How can I show compassion for someone who claims anything said, written or broadcast in opposition to his sociopathic purposes is fake news?

This tyrant, this hateful usurper with no regard for democracy!

May Jesus forgive him and you who voted for him. Because I can’t forgive him or you.

*Gallatin Gateway is twelve miles southwest of Bozeman on the Gallatin River. It is located at the mouth of the canyon on the road leading to Yellowstone National Park.

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