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Thursday, July 06, 2017

Charlotte Observer letter to the editor: tax cuts will harm

Echo "letter to the editor" published in The Charlotte Observer:

Tax cuts aren’t worth the harm

DURHAM, NC- I am a wealthy man, who may benefit from the tax cuts proposed as part of Obamacare repeal. 

But I assert it is a treasonous abomination that those benefits should be gained by throwing millions of my fellow citizens off insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid, abandoned to bankruptcy and death. Every man, woman and child should have unhindered access to the same quality of medical care I can afford, regardless of what they can pay. Health care should be, and is, a human right, and a prime duty of any nation that wants to call itself civilized, or Christian. 

That’s what I pay taxes for – along with other services that benefit the public good. It may be that God has blessed me with this (unearned, inherited) wealth for just that purpose. Martin K. Smith, Durham NC

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