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Friday, July 07, 2017

Sad times - encore: letter to the editor: Echo

Sad time in our history- letter to the editor published in the Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune (I echo these letters in this blog, as I find them, thanks to all, it has been a very easy task...)

SUAMICO, Wisconsin - This is a sad time in our history. 

(Won't even mention his name....)
The minority has taken charge and it’s not pretty.

For those who would argue whether or not the supporters of this president are the minority, they would have to prove to me that the citizens of this country are ready to help the Russians defeat NATO and divide the European Union.

They would have to convince me that the vast majority of parents would like to see their child emulate this guy. That killing a free press will somehow help our country. That lies should become the norm and beating up reporters should become the standard.

They would have to convince me that belittling women or taking health care away from people who need it most are good ideas. That giving huge tax breaks to those that need it least or killing the arts, cutting back on cancer research, stopping the Clean Air initiative and ignoring global warming is somehow good for our nation or their children. His lies follow him at every turn and disgust most of us if not the majority.

This guy ran for office for one reason only, to advance his business interest and lower his own taxes. If you haven’t noticed I have yet to mention his name, which I will refuse to. One day you will find it hard to find anyone that will admit they voted for him the same way no one will admit to voting for Richard M. Nixon.

Michael Williquette

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