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Thursday, July 06, 2017

Donald Trump and the Warsaw Uprising

Another missed leadership opportunity by Donald Trump, who gave a daunting history revisionist speech at the hallowed Warsaw Memorial, but never mentioned the Jewish Holocaust.

In fact, the Warsaw Uprising was a tragic failure. Yet, it is rightly memorialized as a valiant attempt by a group of heroic resistance fighters, to be heard above the oppressive Nazi occupation of Poland. In fact, an esoteric understanding of the Warsaw Uprising might extend to its comparisom with the "Resitance" going on in the US against Donald Trump, today.

What Donald Trump didn't acknowledge:

The Warsaw Uprising Monument (Polish: Pomnik Powstania Warszawskiego) is a monument dedicated to the Warsaw Uprising of 1944. Unveiled in 1989, the monument is described as "the most important monument of post-war Warsaw."and one of the most visited Polish  landmarks.

Unfortunately, Donald Trump didn't take the time to have his advisers read the incredibly accurate novel Mila 18, by Leon Uris. Obviosuly, Steve Bannon can't read and Donald Trump doesn't read, so there was no adviser who could help educate the speech writer about the significance of this important incident. Using the monument as a visual backdrop was a desecration of the meaning of the memorial.

In my opinion, Mila 18 by Leon Uris is worthy of a postumous Nobel Peace Prize for literature, because the history described is as relevent today as when the 1944 uprising happened.

Mila 18 is a novel by Leon Uris set in German-occupied Warsaw, Poland, before and during World War II

Mila 18 debuted at #7 on The New York Times Best Seller List (the second-highest debut of any Uris novel ever, bested only by the #6 debut of Trinity in 1976) and peaked at #2 in August 1961.

Based on real events, Mila 18 covers the Nazi occupation of Poland and the atrocities of systematically dehumanising and eliminating the Jewish people of Poland

The name "Mila 18" is taken from the headquarters bunker of Jewish resistance fighters underneath the building at ulica Miła 18 (18 Mila Street, in English, 18 Pleasant Street). (See Miła 18.) Sadly, the story is about courageous Jewish leaders who fight a losing battle against, not only the Nazis and their henchmen, but also profiteers and collaborators among themselves. 

Eventually, as the ghetto is reduced to rubble, a few courageous individuals with few weapons and no outside help assume command of ghetto defence, form a makeshift army and make a stand.

Although I've never had the opportunity to visit Warsaw, in Poland, I have been fortunate to read the entire novel "Mila 18", by Leon Uris. It's a story that doesn't leave you. 

Obviously nobody on the Donald Trump advisers staff ever read the novel or they would've known better than to use the Memorial as a backdrop for a boring foriegn policy speech, without ever mentioning the Jewish resistance figthers or acknowledging the horrors of the Holocaust.

I was embarrassed by Donald Trump's inappropriate use of the Warsaw Memorial, in his vain attempt to establish leadership credibility.

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