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Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Letters to the editor quotes- health care opinions in two "Red States"

Echoes of what I found published during my Internet cruising

Quotes worth blogging from two letters:

Cruising letters to re-blog as "echoes", I found two quotes. 

One written by a Centenarian born in 1915, who published a letter in The Edmond Sun, in Oklahoma. A second letter was published by Robert Robb, in the Arizona Republic.

Basic healthcare should be a basic right for all- submitted by Dorothy Messenger to The Edmond Sun, an Oklahoma newspaper (serving Oklahoma for 128 years!):

Looking back at all these tremendous changes that have taken place in my lifetime (she was born in 1915!), I can see how fortunate most of us are today in having access to so much excellent care, to the kinds of medical services, medicines and equipment that can make life easier and more comfortable. As I reflect upon the past, the present and the future, however, several questions come to mind.

One fundamental question is this: What is the nature of the healthcare industry itself? Originally, of course, the hospital system in the U.S. grew out of Judeo-Christian compassion, and the first hospitals were faith-based. In the years of my life, it seems to me that the entire healthcare system has gradually shifted from being a service-oriented activity to being a profit-driven enterprise. Do we really want to use people’s health and especially their illnesses as a source of profit? Of course, doctors, nurses, technicians, staffers, medical equipment manufacturers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and everyone else associated with providing healthcare must be able to make a living appropriate to their skills and contributions.

But why should healthcare be a for-profit enterprise? I believe that basic healthcare, like other essential services, i.e., the services to which any citizen has a right — including public education, fire protection, police protection, access to good roads, access to clean water —should be provided by our governments for the common good of all.

Most Europeans realize, but Americans have been slow to acknowledge, that we are all in this together...

Quotes from a letter to the editor published in the Arizona Republic 

Stop trying to replace Obamacare - by Robert Robb:

Robert Robb wrote: GOP leaders don't have the votes and their alternatives aren't any better. So, pull the plug!

Republican congressional leaders should pull the plug on passing a comprehensive replacement for Obamacare.

There clearly isn’t a consensus among GOP lawmakers about an Obamacare replacement. More importantly, there isn’t even a majority among GOP lawmakers for an alternative that would offer better products and more stability in the individual health insurance market.

There’s no point in substituting a dysfunctional and imploding Republican individual market for a dysfunctional and imploding Democratic one. And politically, it would be stupid. So, pull the plug.

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