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Monday, July 10, 2017

Mass hypnosis and the Donald Trump cult

Obviously, Donald Trump's followers are tragically obsessed with their hypnotic attraction to the fake leader, the man uses intimidation, rather than intellectual reason, to inspire his cult. 

Donald Trump followers are victims of mass hypnosis

In fact, the words "intellectual", and "reason" are oxymoron words; they are concepts unknown to Trump cultists. It's likely they're letters that could just as well be written in the Russian Cyrillic alphabet, as have any relevance to their group's hypnotic trance.

From a clinical perspective, here's what's going on in the Donald Trump cult:

Mass Hypnosis, what it really is and how it affects everything about who you think you really are.

Mass hypnosis is not the same as stage hypnosis, where people cluck like chickens. Moreover, it's not some far fetched Manchurian candidate type scenario, where someone gets brainwashed and practically turn into a robot..

These two well known images of hypnosis are pushed into the pop culture and either laughed at as entertainment or rightly ridiculed.

A hypnotist can put a person into a trance, similar to a day dream state. But, the hypnotist deepens the trance further, and further by instructing a person to sleep, and go deeper and deeper to sleep.

Then, once in a deep trance state, the hypnotist gives the subject instructions...
So, how does mass hypnosis affect us? 

In a trance state, it is very easy to manipulate the masses, 
especially when they don't realize that they are even in a trance. 

In fact, the reason this is important to understand is because its real. Mass hypnosis happens.  

We all want to believe that we make important decisions based on logic. Yet, in fact, most of our most important decisions are made based on emotion (aka ego).

There is an expression "did we sleepwalk into Big Brother?", notice the word "sleepwalk". Those who sleepwalk are in a trance.

Politically, American must move in another direction before our hypnosis gets any worse. We are all human beings and we all have more in common with each other than the imaginary things that separate us. 

Honestly, we will be better off  when we realize how our ability to be victims of mass hypnosis is real. It's proven how mass hypnosis, like being in a "Trump trance", can suck our ability to reason right out of us. 

In other words, Donald Trump and his hypnotized Republican party must wake up and realize they have been in a trance. 

Please, don't be embarrassed, because it happens.

Yet, for Republicans to let Donald Trump lead them into a false belief about how working with our enemy Russia will somehow benefit the world, is sincerely "fake news", and this must be stopped. We cannot let this "Trump trance" deliver the USA into Russian mind control.

I believe our international intelligence agencies, the American Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) are worthy of respect.  Unfortunately, Donald Trump and his mass hypnotized cult followers are badly in need of "wake up" reality therapy. We cannot be "mass hypnotized" into believing Americans are subject to Russian mind influence.  

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