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Sunday, July 09, 2017

Congress must act against Donald Trump sell out with Vladimir Putin

Perhaps, I should have taken lessons in how to speak Russian from my Ukrainian father. If only I were literate in Russian, I could compose a bi-lingual response to Donald Trump to reprimand him for conducting a secret unobserved meeting with Russia's serial assassin, President Vladimir Putin. Now, the poor judgement shown by Donald Trump to meet with Putin, without observers, must be reprimanded.  

A milestone reprimand by Congress to Donald Trump should be duly translated into Russian and preserved like a modern Rosetta Stone. It will be a perennial reminder to all future leaders- do not do this again!

America can't have our leadership meeting with enemies without knowing what was discussed. It's irresponsible to do so.

In fact, the world will never know exactly what was discussed in the 2 plus hour clandestine Trump/Putin exclusive meeting. In fact, only the translators know what was discussed and they didn't take notes.  

Obviously, the two men's "conversation speculation" reports are no better than a dangerous "gossip" game. Remember, playing the game where children sit in a circle, and one begins with a rumor and passes it along until the last player gets to announce how it was translated, at the end of the round?  It might start out with the first person whispering "America first. Make America Great Again"; but, by the time the whisper gets to the last person, the message becomes "America was great but again not so much..." or something screwed up in that fashion.
Dangerous diplomacy - American can't trust this method of gossip leadership

Apparently, even Vladimir Putin understood the value of informing the media about the content of his meeting with Donald Trump because he was at least willing to take questions about the conversation. In so doing, the Russian president got to define the content of the meeting to his own advantage.  In other words, the meeting was a "win-win" for Putin and Donald Trump looked like he was asking favors from "The Russian Godfather".

This irresponsible unpatriotic "poor judgement laden" behavior cannot go without a formal response from the American people. Democrats must rise up and demand accountability from our leadership.  All of Congress must sign a letter of reprimand sent to Donald Trump. Write the letter in 14 point font with a courtesy copy to Secretary of State Tillerson.  In fact, the letter will go into the American Archives as a modern day "Magna Carta". 

In other words, "Thou shalt not meet tête-à-tête with the enemy without objective diplomatic observers". Additionally, the letter should be translated into Russian and the entire document can serve as a Rosetta stone for all future American presidents.

As a result of Putin having the upper hand in the clandestine and secret meeting, the only first hand media reports the world has about the conversation is described in "Pravada", the English language edition is available on line.

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