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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Donald Trump administration is now co-opted by Vladimir Putin

Honestly, Vladimir Putin is doing vodka shots with comrads all around the Kremlin. I suspect the entire Politboro is having a huge vodka party with fountains of the liquer flowing throughout the celebrations. Indeed, the reason for the celebrations are because of the beyond belief success Russia's influence had in the American 2016 election. In fact, Vladimir Putin worked for the KGB for years to compromise American CIA operatives. But, as Russian president, with an army of social media hackers, Vladimir Putin was able to do on Twitter what he was unable to accomplish during his espionage career.

Vodka shots in the Kremlin

Republicans can no longer deny the obvious. In fact, Donald Trump and his campaign, beginning with Lt. General Mike Flynn and now his own son Donald Trump Jr., were in collusion with Russia to undermine the American 2016 election.  

This is treason.

Donald Trump must be impeached. Moreover, Mike Pence knew about this communication by association.  In as much as the Vice President did not report what he knew when he knew it, the scandal has now tainted the entire Republican party.  

It's time to recall the 2016 election results because it was fraudulent.  Americans must inaugurate the candidate who legitimately won the popular vote.  

Madam President Hillary Clinton.

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