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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Hillary Clinton's presidential stature

It doesn't take a political guru to figure out how plebian the Donald Trump's attacks are against all of his rivals. Whether Trump is attacking his political Republican rivals, or other people in general, the media or even war heroes like John McCain, the Trumponian penchant for being "common". is now his tradmark.

Contrast the low life political behavior of "Donald Trump the Chump" with  the professional demeanor of Secretary Hillary Clinton.  Now, Americans see a clear and present political contrast between two political adversaries.  

No longer can "Trump the Chump" attack any unsuspecting person of his choosing. Instead, the Trumponian plebianism is now vainly trying to create a Clintonian scandal. Astoundingly, what "Trump the Chump" seems unaware of is that Americans have already vetted the lifestyle of the Clinton's and deemed it unworthy of our political time. In other words, "what goes on in a marriage, stays in a marriage". Being bullied by "Trump the Chump" is an invitation to political disaster, a black hole "vortex" for the teflon "bully-ianaire", mega rich wanno-be politician. 

"Trump the Chump" is entering into a polticial vortex by degrading the popular Bill and Hillary Clinton

When Americans consider a Hillary Clinton presidency, they're looking for a future of economic security. Voters don't care about the past, unless it appears to impact the future. Moreover, there's no "new news" in the Trumponian low life attacks on Hillary Clinton or her marriage.  

In my opinion, the Trumponian plebian attacks on the Clinton's will go nowhere, because there's simply no place to go. It's history.

On the other hand, the Clinton's are obligated to stand together against the Trumponian denegrating personal attacks. They now have a wonderful opportunity to prove how Secretary Clinton's leadership will be far more predictable and "presidential" than the potential of a Trumponian "I like Putin" (oh paaaleeze, a Trumponian horror trailer) reality TV regime.

Trump's plebian attacks on the esteemed Mrs. Hillary Clinton will give the Clinton family their chance to show how their presidential stature will, in fact (not rhetoric) make America great again.

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