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Friday, January 01, 2016

Build a Wall around Trump followers the "Vulgarian-Trumparians"

Americans are becoming a political side show of weird anamolies who support Donald Trump and all the guns we can buy. But, we must stop the circus barkers in the media who are hypnotized by Vulgarian-Traumparian disturbed political logic.  

In other words, Donald "Trump the Chump" is building an old fashioned fan club of followers, while he spews bigotry, brashness, bullying and big shot behavior. Americans can't allow this "groupiness" of followers to continue.  

Americans must put an end to Vulgarian-Trumparian policies. Rather than allow main stream media to live stream Trumpisms, with no balanced reporting allowed, American should be calling for a wall to be built around the Trumponian's frenzied followers. Clearly, the Vulcarian-Trumparians are mesmerized by Donald "Trump the Chump" and, therefore, blinded by his boisterious bravado. Unfortunately, Vulgarian-Trumparians need "wake up therapy", becuase they're clearly mezmerized by the messenger, and unable to hear the bigotry in his messages.

Instead of falling for the stupid idea of building a wall to prevent Mexican immigrants from entering the US, I advocate for Americans to put the Vulgarian-Trumparian followers inside a walled "Trump the Chump Towers", and to keep them there. When these groupies are walled inside of an exclusive community, they can continue believing their political fantasies, denegrating anyone who is "not them". Nobody will bother them, so long as they pay taxes.

Vulgarian-Trauparians should put themselves inside a walled community, because they're hypnotized by illogical Trumpisms. Yet, how will they prevent illegal intruders who undoubtedly will use "Rapunzel's hair"?

Indeed, they can live "disturbed ever after", until a Rapunzel type damsel offers her hair to an intruder. (Wow! How willl Vulgarian-Trumparians prevent "illegal hair immigrants"? Just joking, I think.)

Vulgarian-Trumparian followers live in a negative fantasy world. They believe millions of immgirants can, somehow, be sent back to where they came from, like they'll volunarily allow themselves to be transported to places many can't even remember. Then, when Mexicans, Central Americans and Muslims are finally gone, the Vulgarian-Trumparians will live in Trumpian eutopia, where only people they like will be allowed to thrive among them.

This is obviiously a dangerous fantasy.

Nevertheless, Trump the Chump groupies are clearly hypnotized by the thought of  living their fantasies. They need wake up therapy.

Clearly, Americans can't allow a bigot to be nominated to run for leader of the free world, as a Republican candidate, like Trump the Chump.  

Frankly, I'm furious at Americans who support "Trump the Chump" as a political candidate. He's a rich man who wants to accumulate power, like Monopoly game players accumulate their property cards, except he's dangerous.

Instead of leading a "Grand Old Party", the Vulgarian-Trumparians are creating a polarizing and intolerant society. They're causing a political branding that will, tragically, take decades to change, unless their corporate "Trump the Chump" leader and his Vulgarian-Trumparian followers are stopped, and before more political damage is done to liberty, and justice for all.

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