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Saturday, January 02, 2016

Poster - Read my lips: No Muslims allowed says Donald Trump

It didn't take a psychic to predict the inevitable Vulgarian-Trumparian ISIS poster in the works. In Arabic, the poster slogan might as well read like a movie cliche:  "Read my lips - no Muslims allowed here...."(background is faded Donald Trump).

Peacful Muslims don't have to "read my lips" to know how Donald Trump projects ethnic fear

Unless we live in a cave, by now the world knows how Donald "Trump the Chump" , running for the GOP presidential nomination, will say anything to put himself just a phone call away from the US morning TV entertainment news shows. 

Consequently, slamming Muslims was too tempting to resist. He leaped on heightened Islam phobia, following the San Bernadino CA tragedy, regardless of who was hurt by Trumponian rhetoric. Well, well, "what goes around comes around".

So, in walks Hillary Clinton, during her excellent Democratic debate presentations, to call out the "Islamophobic" Trumpism and- presto!- immediately, there was a media debate. No, the media didn't care a hoot about how Mrs. Clinton might provide visionary leadership for the free world, if she's elected to be the first US woman president. Rather, the focus was deflected to the evil ISIS group and whether or not the terrorists used Donald Trump's "keep Mulims out" slogans in their frighteningly succesful on line recruitment campaigns. 

Of course, the evil ISIS poster was probably in the print shop when Mrs. Clinton predicted how it was being used to demonstrate a phantom anti Muslim prejudice, just because "Trump the Chump" and his Vulgarian-Trumparian followers said so.  There's no way "Trump the Chump" can turn the issue back on to Mrs. Clinton, now that the "poster" has appeared in an on line evil ISIS video.

Regardless of when evil ISIS decided to use the Trumponian recruitment messaging, I'm frankly sick and tired of Vulgarian-Trumparian fear campaigns. By now, due to the Trumponian media love fest, the US is being branded as a nation of anti-Muslim and gun carrying zealots. Worse, Trump and his shadow politicians, like "Cruz to Loose" and "Blinky Bottle Rubio" are branding Republicans as right wing, gun hugging bigots who campaign on an anti-immigration platform, lacking compassion or progressive leadership.  Obviously, most Americans are tolerant of religious freedom. We respect peaceful Muslims and are fearful of gun violence. Moreover, the Grand Old Party (GOP) Republicsans are a compassionate group of political conservatives who are frequently generous to a fault with donations to humanitarian causes. 

An outsider, who gets info by reading the American news, wouldn't be able to grasp the real people behind the "smoke and mirrors" of the Donald "Trump the Chump" and his presidential campaign. Therefore, Americans must stop being tolerant of Donald Trump's circus barker campaign and demand for him to be removed from the GOP line up of presidential candidates.  Donald Trump is now qualified to be a poster image for evil ISIS recruitment campaigns and, therefore, totally unqualified to be President of the United States and leader of the free world.  Republicans must remove Trump the Chump from their line up of wanna-be presidential candidates before their conservative political party is sucked into a vortex of electoral opposition to everything America "is not".  

By the time "Trump the Chump" is finished with demonizing everybody who crosses his "ass" every morning, there will be very few who dare to go to the polls to vote for him.  

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