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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Hillary Clinton fights back at Trumponian plebian attacks

Trump the Chump is a coward! Rather than bravely discuss issues, ideas, visionary leadership or preach compassion, he takes plebian low life attacks at the humanitarian Hillary Clinton. Nevertheless, Trump the Chump continues to churn up controversy and the media laps it up like a dog who chews on a juicy bone.
News media eats up "Trump the Chump's" anger and bully rhetoric like a dog chews on a juicy bone

If "Trump the Chump" were so confident about his political leadership, he'd be courting his own precarious political GOP nomination, rather than making personal attacks on the popular First Lady of the World, Mrs. Clinton.

As Gregory Krieg of CNN reports-
Hillary Clinton hits back at 'demeaning' Donald Trump

(CNN) Hillary Clinton late Monday hit back at Donald Trump after nearly two days of attacks on her and former President Bill Clinton. In a statement her campaign said she wouldn't be "pushed around" by Trump like his GOP rivals or "bullied and distracted" by the mogul's rhetoric.

"When [Trump's] insults are directed at women, immigrants, Asian-Americans, Muslims, (Mexicans) the disabled, or hard working Americans looking to raise their wages -- Hillary Clinton will stand up to him, as she has from the beginning," a campaign spokeswoman said.

Trump on Monday again warned Clinton against attempting to use "the woman's card" on him, a day after he accused the former secretary of state of unfairly trading on her gender. The "Trump-billionaire's" brushback follows his labeling Bill Clinton as "fair game" on Sunday, as the former president prepares to hit the trail next week to campaign for his wife.

"With all of her past and her past dealings and, frankly, she's been involved in it with her husband as much as anybody, for her to be discussing that I think is out of bounds and I've let them know that," Trump said during an interview on Radio Iowa. "Probably maybe more so than anybody I know she shouldn't be discussing that."

(Okay, if President Clinton's administration is fair game, then likewise are his political successes and the prosperous times when the nation had a balanced budget.)

Trump made similar comments during a Sunday interview on Fox News, when he called out Bill Clinton as "fair game because his presidency was really considered to be very troubled because of all the things that she's talking to me about."

"She's mentioning sexism," Trump continued, referencing a recent interview in which Clinton told the Des Moines Register the billionaire had "demonstrated a penchant for sexism."

He kept up the line of attack Monday morning, again slamming the former president and former secretary of state.

"If Hillary thinks she can unleash her husband, with his terrible record of women abuse, while playing the women's card on me, she's wrong!" Trump tweeted.

Meanwhile, Trump-the-Chump continues to soak up the political oxygen the media gives him, free of charge, while not discussing the implementation of new ideas, vision for the future, plans for how to secure our nation against terrorism (other than deporting all Muslims) or anything else to improve the human condition.

President and Mrs. Clinton have experience helping people. 

Trump the Chump has no political experience whatsoever. 

In fact, "Trump the Chump" should get out of the presidential 2016 race, unless he's brave enough to stand up for something, other than degrading his adversaries with bigotry, bullying and boisterously billigerent buffoonery.

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