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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Republicans can't compete with Futurstic Obama Vision

Republican rely on the gloom of a potentional political doomsday message to gain attention. They want to run our government by maintianing fear. Americans can't allow this to happen.
The only thing we have to fear is feaar itself

An optimistic President Obama, on the other hand, sets a hopeful vision in his last Sate of the Union address where American ingenuity and the hopeful spirit of our people were spotlighted. 

It's shameful to see Republican leaders behave like spoiled children, sitting on their hands, stoic faced, when President Obama calls for programs to improve the lives of all Americans.  

Moreover, President Obama rightly challenges the US Congress to vote on a war against the evil Islamic State (ISIS), rather than create fear about terrorism without providing action. In other words, don't create fear! Rather, provide support for destroying the enemy by taking a vote on declaring war.  

Americans must be reminded about the inspired words of President Franklin Roosevelt who said, "We have nothing to fear but fear itself."  

President Obama is calling for the goodness in the American spirit to shine forth from skepticism.  

Americans must vote all Republican out of office because their political positions are rooted in negativity and contrary to the human spirit. We must scrub clean the fear, negativity, skepticism and divisiveness out of American politics. Republicans can't compete with President Obama's futuristic vision of America. 

Republicans have had their chance to create the regressive America they envision, but they've failed to show progress regarding anything except to block life saving gun ownership regulations and obstruct immigration reform.

America needs to rid ourselves of regressive politics and follow the bright and futuristic visision portrayed by President Obama in his brilliant State of the Union speech.  The world order will always be challenged by change, but "We the people", as our Constitution says, can rise together to build a better life for our children and imrpove our nation's future.

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