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Monday, January 11, 2016

Eve of State of the Union (STOTU)- ISIS money blown to smoke!

Interesting to see no news on the Monday night before the last State of the Union Address (SOTU) by President Obama when two major stories aren't being reported. It turns out, on the eve of President Obama's last major address to the US Congress, the military is reported to have bombed and eliminated the ISIS treasury. That's right! ISIS money is now smoke. 
The place where ISIS stashes cash evaporated, along with all the assests inside! It's reported to be million$!

Reported by CNN, bombed was the Mosul, Iraq place where the cash to pay ISIS bills, the graft, and corruption, their horrific executioners and their troops are now "paatow!" - gone!

Also, it turns out a suicide terrorist bomber was thwarted in Turkey. No news about either of these storis on the major news networks, because both events make President Obama and his anti-ISIS strategy look good on the eve of his last State of the Union speech.

It's time the American news media stops enabling political polarization. Rather, news media must be responsible and ethical. They must report the news without creating political stories by using the their narrative to support a particualr point of view.

ISIS now has a cash account of "zero".  That's big news!  



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