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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Governor Chris Christie NJ and Governor Paul LePage ME - who's the liberal?

Republican Governor Chris Christie supported the Obamacare Medicaid expansion in his home state of New Jersey. Good for him and the deserving people who need health coveage in New Jersey.

Now, Governor Paul LePage of Maine is a groupie in the Christie campaign, as the New Jersey governor wants to be the Republican nominee, to be US leader of the free world.  

But, there's no Medicaid expansion in Maine, one of the poorest states in the USA. Go figure?

Christie and LePage appear to be politically synergistic but this alliance makes no sense.  
Seems like Governor Christie and Governor LePage are political bookends - but where's the Medicaid Expansion in Maine?

Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey continues to defend his outspoken Maine friend, Goveror Paul LePage, who's often in political hot water. In fact, instead of working to win primary votes in New Hampshire, the New Jersey Governor Christie was spending time last week defending mis-statements by Governor LePage, who apologized for perceived racist statements made during a program to stop Maine heroin addiction.

These bookend politicaal charicatures act like the "ying" and "yang" of Republican policies, but they're philosphically different. Do political opposites really attract?  

New best friends - (NBFs)- Governor Chris Christie and Governor Paul LePage differ about the Medicaid expansion offered to states as a provision of the landmark health care reform aka "Obamacare". But you wouldn't know there was a bit of difference betweenn the two governors about anything. They appear to be joined at the political hip or holding up a set of binded books on a conservative library shelf.

Frankly, the Christie - LePage alliance makes no sense. Far be it from me to point out the information in a politcally conservative negative ad. Yet, in fact, an "anti-Christie" ad, sponsored by the Conservative Solutions political action committee, in support of Senator Marco "blinky bottle" Rubio, the junior Senator from Florida, points out the liberal side of Governor Christie. It's not an anti Governor LePage ad, but certainly points out the contrast to the policies of his NBF, ie "LePage", especially about Medicaid expansion. 

Although Rubio has no political position about Maine's controversial Governor Paul LePage, the negative political ad paints Governor Christie as a "conservative in liberal clothing". Does that liberal hue taint Governor LePage with the same brush?

Obviously, Governor Christie hasn't learned to pay attention to who are his NBFs. On the other hand, Governor Paul LePage should be asked by Maine news media how it is he can support the New Jersey governor like a political groupie, but deny Maine people access to health care coverage, via the Medicaid expansion, while his bookend friend has already done so.

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