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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Watching the Jeb Bush political decline

While watching the first Democratic presidential debate with Hillary Clinton in center stage, it's pretty clear to me why the Republicans looked so inept during their series of clown car assemblies.  The GOP canned responses were uninspired and all of them were terrified to take down "Trump the Chump", the current flamboyant front runner.  Not so with the first Democratic debate.  It's political theater.....hurray!  Jeb Bush should be taking notes.

Certainly, it's a mystery to most political junkies to see Governor Jeb Bush doing so poorly in the Republican presidential polls.  He was a popular twice elected governor of Florida. Yet, he trails a junior Florida Senator Marco Rubio, who also wants to be the Republican presidential nominee.  Rubio has no statesmanlike qualities.  He isn't qualified to be leader of the free world.

Yet, on the other hand, "Jeb!", the Bush family's eldest son, can't capture the heart of his Republican colleagues.  He quickly raised a lot of money and equated this success with being able to catapult to the leading Republican candidate.  Yet, he's been plagued with the worst of political problems. It's called voter fatigue.  I don't believe American voters want to see yet another Bush family member in the White House, primarily because "Operaton Iraqi Freedom" was a failure.  Instead of giving the Iraqi people freedom, the population are now living in constant instability with the nearby Syrian nation engaged in a cruel civil war.

But why has the "Jeb!" campaign gone rudderless? We have to point to the leader.  "Jeb!" has not shown the energy needed to inspire voters.  It's like he felt money raised and his name recognition were sufficient to inherit the Republican nomination. Obviously, "Jeb!" has miscalculated.  Indeed, given the "Jeb!" 3rd place numbers, he just hasn't provided the leadership needed to ignite support for his presidential ambitions.  

To summarize, the Jeb Bush political decline happened because the candidate sent out messages about his "electability".  He acted like a sure winner, but his performance hasn't risen to the occasion.  In other words,  Jeb Bush felt entitled to the nomination.

This is not the case with the animated Secretary Hillary Clinton, who has been superb in the first Democratic campaign debate. She jumped in appropriately and pushed back on her worthy opponents and as well as with the moderator.  

"Jeb!" might do well to continue to lag in the Republican polls, because he certainly can't stand on a debate stage, one on one, with Mrs. Hillary Clinton as she is performing with her Democratic opponents. He couldn't stand up against the Trump the Chump, especially when the "Donald" said disparaging comments about honest and hard working Mexicans. In fact, the wife of "Jeb!" is a Mexican American and he didn't even defend her heritage against the "Chump" attacks.

Watching the Jeb Bush political decline is like watching ice melt. Eventually, the cubes become water and then evaporate.  

On the other hand, the Democratic candidates are discussing ideas and Mrs. Hillary Clinton is eloquently rising to the level of being our first woman president of the United States.

As of this evening, after the electric Democratic debate, Jeb Bush will no longer be able to ignite his campaign.  He's already evaporating.

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