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Monday, April 07, 2014

Russian President Putin just can't control his Napoleonic aggression - NATO alert! Putin must be stopped, but when and how?

It's impossible to know when Russia's President Putin will eventually tip the patience of Western allies. Nevertheless, he's determined to stir up trouble until he gets his territorial way, regardless of the international consequences. Now, Putin is provoking Ukrainian unrest by setting up bullies to create violence inside the Ukraine, just to prove his antics can make a lot of trouble.
Portrait- Russian President Putin as painted by former President George W. Bush

The Christian Science Monitor reports that the US is warning Putin again about the fiscal sanctions Russia will incur if the aggression against the Ukraine and other potential targets continues.

“If Russia moves into Eastern Ukraine, either overtly or covertly, this would be a very serious escalation,” White House spokesman Jay Carney said, adding that the U.S. is “prepared to impose further sanctions on sectors of the Russian economy should the situation escalate.”
One thing is economically apparent. Putin's can't afford his Napoleonic ambitions in the Crimea or the Ukraine or anywhere else. His nation's ruble currency is useless outside his Russian borders. In my opinion, those braggarts and bullies that Putin is sending into the Ukraine to break windows for television viewing could easily be paid to defect by giving them each a handful of US dollars.  

Yet, President Putin is convinced he must create trouble or risk becoming irrelevant. 

It seems to me, the diplomats Secretary of State John Kerry and the Russian counterpart Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov understand the seriously flawed international ramifications of Putin's spoiled behavior. It's a dangerous situation for the world to have a president in Russia, ie Putin, who simply can't mind his own business. 

Russia certainly has plenty of internal economic, infrastructure and ethnic problems. Nevertheless, Putin is a Cold Warrior rather than a diplomat or a national leader. He's certainly not interested in improving Russia's domestic stability, unless he can lock dissident people up and throw away the key. Rather, Putin seems to be at his worst when he has an enemy. He's incapable of summoning the statesmanship necessary to command a world leadership position, unless he gets his own way.  

Therefore, President Putin's cold war ambitions must be stopped.

Senator John McCain is an advocate for providing military support to the Ukraine so the people can be better armed to prevent more Russian agression.

Although this quick action shoot from the hip might provide some interim relief for the Ukraine, the long term risk of such military actions can't be foreseen.

Therefore, think about the preponderance of evidence in favor of patience as a tactic that might work to implode Putin's ambitions.  

Thinking about the junk Russian ruble, the cost of paying to keep the evil Syrian President Assad in power, and now the cost of assuming the Crimea as part of the Russian nation, will obviously implode the Russian economy. Maybe President Putin doesn't realize this, but he's not allowed to live forever. Consequently, patience and economic sanctions will undoubtedly bring down Putin's Napoleonic ambitions.

Of course, the problem is, how much danger will the spoiled Putin stir up before his nation experiences an implosion? Therein is the risk. Yet, there doesn't appear to be any alternative, except to wait.

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