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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Repubicans - A Political Party that Eats its Young

Washington Post is describing a "Gotham Theory" about the future of the Republican Party. In other words, the confusion and disorganization within the Republican ranks is so profuse, it's best to just stand back and let the entire organization implode, like razing a building to create room for new development.

This theory is too simplistic, because the potentially "new and improved" Republican party, if such a creation is possible, needs to take a course in how democracy works. Understanding the Meaning of Majority Rules is course 101.

My question is this. How does a group of supposedly college educated politicians allow their political party to find itself so confused and disorganized? A political party that can't manage it's message or participate in our American democratic process without causing chaos isn't qualified to hold any status in our nation's democracy. Senator Harry Reid is correct when he described the Republicans who supported the stupid budget sequester, the government shutdown or putting America on the brink of defaulting on our nation's debt as anarchists.  In any other political system, the Tea-Party fringe of right wing extremists who hide beneath the shroud of the Republican Party would be tried for sedition and hanged.

The Washington Post predicts a big showdown looming for the control of the Republican Party in the 2016 presidential election. Although I'm obviously not a soothsayer, I disagree with The Washington Post writer Chris Cillizza. Republicans who care about America, the patriotic people who're intelligent enough to understand how democracy works, wouldn't want to be associated with the ignorant Tea Party zealots between now and 2016. 

An up and coming politician wouldn't want to associate with a political party that eats its young. I suspect Governor Christie and other bright Republicans will disassociate themselves with their party and reorganize as a third party.  Given the recent NBC New American Center party, this potential for a middle of the road party has more opportunity to win elections.  

Meanwhile, the Tea Party and its followers will go down in history as a group of Ku Klux Klan species survivors who decided to walk in the daylight without hoods. They're haunting and frightening specters of the past, who've come back to life as demons who represent racism, isolationism and McCarthyism.

Republicans must shed themselves of the toxic Tea Party poison before the 2016 election. Rand Paul, Ted Cruz,  Marco Rubio and their gang of bullies must leave the party. That's my op-ed response to The Washington Post.

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