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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Ted Cruz Test: Republicans are Making a Mockery Out of Our Proud American Democracy

Are any Republicans out there who still believe in the majority rule in democracy?  Listen up!  It's time to count votes and eliminate the (a) stupid budget sequester (b) end the stupid government shut down and (c) stupid obstruction of lifting of America's debt ceiling.  
Can Senator Ted Cruz pass this 2 question test?  
Who said the following?

1.  "No mother would ever willingly sacrifice her sons for territorial gain, for economic advantage, for ideology."

2.  "Leadership is someone who brings people together."

Both of the above quotes were spoken by Republican presidents.
(1) Ronald Reagan (2) George W. Bush

Republicans and House Speaker John Boehner have departed from the Republican Party as we know it.  

Republican Olympia Snowe, former Senator from Maine says today's GOP is not a political party she recognizes anymore. This, from a leader who gave her all for the Republican party but she wasn't "conservative enough" (whatever that means!).

Snowe of Maine says the Republican Party has bowed to extreme elements, making it unrecognizable from the GOP she joined years ago. "Obviously it’s moved to the extremes. I wouldn’t characterize everybody within the tea party movement, but certainly there are broad elements within the party now that are driving their own agenda for their own advantage, irrespective of what implications it has for the Republican Party," Snowe told Ashleigh Banfield on CNN Newsroom. "And certainly, this isn’t a party that I recognize and the party that I joined when I first enrolled, and that’s regrettable."

Senator Snowe is correct, this mess with the economic shutdowns is regrettable but it's also preventable.  Republicans can recall all the misery they are currently causing themselves and the people being harmed by their right wing extremism by simply taking a vote to stop this madness.  In not calling for a vote, House Speaker John Boehner is in denial about the inevitable.  This power struggle is preventable and a majority vote of the House would fix all of it, presto (!) like a finger snap.  

In not taking a simple majority vote, Speaker Boehner is leading a party movement that's making a mockery of democracy for the world to see, like hanging our dirty laundry out for scrutiny.  Nobody wants to see dirty laundry especially when there's soap and water available.  A vote is the soap and water of this horribly ridiculous economic mess created by a Republican minority in Congress who are being puppet controlled by Tea Party right wing extremists.  This extremism must be eradicated.

Senator Tom Cruz should take a cruise. He needs to return to Canada, where he was born, to learn from their Parliamentary
system how a democracy can work, when the will of the people is the goal of government. 

Republicans must be voted out of office as soon as possible, before they so damage our American democracy, until it becomes unrecognizable. Republicans are on the road to dismantling our democracy and we must fire them all for their complete incompetence. ASAP.

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