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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Shutdown: Is Physiology at Fault? House Speaker Boehner and Senator Ted Cruz Need Medical Exams

It's totally incomprehensible for Americans to understand how a majority of "We the People" want the budget sequester repealed and an immediate end to the government shutdown. Moreover, "We the People" also want our government to pay our bills. Therefore, the idea of not raising the nation's debt limit is totally inconceivable, like driving up a bill on a credit card but refusing to pay when the bill is due.

"We the People" live in a democracy where our majority is supposed to rule. Our system of government can't conceive of a majority of people being overridden by a fringe minority of extremists who are upset because democracy didn't happen to win them the Republican 2012 election.  

It makes virtually no sense.

Therefore, from a clinical or scientific perspective, We the People must find the etiology of this strange "minority wants to rule" behavior. It's selfish.  It could also have a physiologic cause.

Let's look at the strange behaviors.  

House Speaker John Boehner won't call for a simple vote on a clean resolution to end this misery. If he did, the outcome of the vote could eliminate the agony all Americans are experiencing. Think about how the sequester would be gone, government would open and the debt ceiling would be lifted.  

Unfortunately, this remedy won't be entertained by Boehner and Republican House leadership.Why?

Should House Speaker John Boehner have a physicial and mental exam to evaluate his critical thinking skills? Think about this for a minute. Republicans want the people who receive Medicaid to have drug testing before they receive benefits. Politicians should do likewise. In my mind. all politicians are like welfare recipients with huge benefits. They are paid with taxpayer money. Likewise, they should also have drug testing.  

Maybe, if we insisted on a physician exam for House Speaker John Boehner, we could determine if his critical thinking skills are competent enough to lead the Congress. 

What's required for Medicaid beneficiaries should be the same for the Congress. Remember, Eric Cantor spoke about eliminating any Obamacare (aka health care reform) subsidy for Congress, thereby preventing differential treatment. 

Good. Let's ask Congressman Cantor to take a physical exam, too.

Now, let's find out what's wrong with the Elmer Gantry of the Senate Ted Cruz.  He also needs to have a physical exam.  

How does a man who's own Republican colleagues hold in disdain continue to control the right wing Congressional representatives in the House? House Speaker John Boehner is allowing the junior senator from Texas to control his caucus.  

This dysfunctional situation is unexplainable. Convoluted thinking like this seems to have a physiologic origin.  

A leader doesn't allow a junior politician from the Senate to speak authoritatively to the Congressional leadership caucus.  

Meanwhile, Senator Cruz has his own critical thinking problems.

Senator Cruz made a judgement on behalf of his constituents that uninsured people in Texas should not have access to affordable health insurance, offered in the Obamacare insurance exchanges. He wants to eliminate Obamacare and thereby prevent his uninsured constituents from buying health insurance.

In other words, Senator Cruz fancifully decided that he has the power to prevent Obamacare from being implemented, shutting down government to make his egotistical point, just because he doesn't want to obey the law.   

Senator Cruz also needs to have a physical exam where his critical thinking skills are evaluated.

Our world is in desperate need of our American  political leadership to be competent enough to make informed and rational decisions. Given the behaviors we've witnessed during this daunting and preventable economic crisis, it's time we see the medical records for Speaker Boehner and Senator Cruz.  

Since taxpayers pay for their medical coverage, seems like we should see what we're paying for. 

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