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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Frank T. Kyrza in The Economist - How US Government Shutdown Impacts the World

The Economist - shutting down government an act of international sabotage.   

Does Shutting Down The US Mean Shutting Down The World?

Frank T. Kryza Writer and Editor

With the US government in shutdown again, there's not just bemusement in capitals across Europe and Asia, but a growing sense of angst. If the current deadlock extends to October 17, and a congressional refusal to raise the debt ceiling triggers a US default, the impact will be instant and international. What, for the Tea Party caucus will be a gesture about excessive federal spending, will do to the rest of the world will be an act of sabotage inflicted on the global economic system.

Frank Kryza is receiving feedback on his blogs in The Economist. Tea-Party zealots who are a minority in our US government can't be allowed to control the world's economy just because these political extremists happen to disagree with government spending. Meanwhile, Tea Party ultra conservative proposals ie "shutdown government" harms people and doesn't save any money. In fact, the shutdown costs money and hurts people. This selfishness could extend to impacting the world's economy as well.  

Tea Party zealots must understand how minority rule by bullying tactics is not democracy. Now, they're trying to convince Americans how their right wing economic tactics ie "shutdown" is not really so dangerous. It's like asking the Peanuts character Lucy to stop playing that stupid football trick on Charlie Brown.
How poor Charlie falls for this trick every fall is a mystery, but the Tea Party is trying the same foil on Americans, only this time it's about our economy and it's obviously not funny. Kyrza says it's international sabotage.

Americans must vote all Republicans out of office. Meanwhile, House Speaker John Boehner must exert leadership over extremists in his Republican party by calling for a continuing resolution majority vote to stop the shutdown madness, eliminate the stupid sequester and to lift the debt ceiling so America will pay it's bills.

Meanwhile, quoting Republican Governor Jindal (R-LA), the "stupid party" started a denial campaign, trying to downplay the impact of their economic "shutdown" radicalism. But, these "stupid" people don't believe in science like creation theories or human physiology like rape causing pregnancy! Americans must never be led to believe these Tea Party obstructions understand macro economics either.  

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