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Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Republicans Deny Creation Theories and Even US Default Economics

"In short, it’s been back to square one again and again." (Washington Post, October 9, 2013)

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  Albert Einstein

Incredulously, Republicans who deny scientific creation theories in favor of the concrete Biblical interpretation, in spite of tens of thousands of years of evidence to the contrary, now tell their extremist political follows how a US debt default won't be so bad as the Obama administration is suggesting to Americans. 

Oh really? Would Republican hypocrite extremists spread these same wrong minded economic myths if a Republican president were facing the preventable debt ceiling obstruction, given the predicted looming fiscal economic disaster?

Americans can't trust anything Republicans are selling regarding the US economy. Their fiscal policies brought on the Great Recession, but now they seem hell bent on causing a disastrous encore.

It makes no sense for Republicans, who deny science and who can't apply simple arithmetic to solve important public policy initiatives to also say the US debt ceiling crises is somehow not as disastrous as we are led by administration officials to believe.

It's like asking to be the first person to taste potentially poisonous food. 

Who wants to be first in a poison taste test? 

The government shutdown is in its ninth day and Boehner’s outlook now is arguably worse than it was the start of the shutdown.The Washington Post reports how Polling shows the public blames congressional Republicans more than Obama, Democrats haven’t budged from their demand for a “clean” bill to fund the government, and the shutdown is encroaching on the deadline to raise the debt ceiling.

What Boehner needs is a solution, and fast — one, ideally, that satisfies the cast-iron conservatives as much as possible but can also win the support of the Democratic Senate and Obama.

So far, there are no obvious options. And previous efforts have led the speaker nowhere.

He repeatedly called for Democrats to negotiate with him. They repeatedly responded that they will only talk after the government is funded and the debt ceiling is raised. The House passed three stopgap spending bills leading up to the shutdown that took aim at the Obamacare health care reform law. 

The Senate swiftly rejected all of them.

Boehner closed the door on voting for a clean continuing resolution (CR) to reopen the government and a clean bill to raise the debt limit. Yet, a short-term version of both might be the least painful way out of what’s proven to be a very tough situation for him.

Meanwhile, House Speaker Boehner, who is leader of the entire House of Representatives, is ignoring the majority of votes it's predicted he'd receive in a clean resolution vote to eliminate all of this preventable economic uncertainty.  

For political reasons only, Speaker Boehner won't allow a clean resolution to come up for a vote, just because he can. 

Boehner's bad behavior lacks leadership and shows spitefulness, rather than compassion, for the hardship his obstruction is causing to Americans, who are harmed by this economic bullying behavior. 

Boehner is childishly acting out because the GOP lost the 2012 presidential election.  Suppose his outrageous response had been the reaction during the election of 2000, when Democrat Vice President Al Gore lost to President George Bush?  That year's election was legitimately won by Vice President Al Gore, but the Supreme Court intervened and Democrats accepted the result.  

Now, however, House Speaker Boehner and his right wing minions are not showing respect for democracy when they continue to undermine the results of President Obama's legitimate victory in 2012, over Governor Mitt Romney.  President Obama received the most votes and won the election.  It was a legitimate election victory, validated by arithmetic.  

This current economic government shutdown, sustained by a minority of wrong minded Republican Tea Party zealots, must be stopped. President Obama must act to end this misery, on behalf of the people who voted for him. Meanwhile, Americans cannot be led to believe anything Republicans are saying about the effect of the economic stalemate they are creating with their obstructionist actions. Republican extremist Tea Party zealots don't believe in creation theory, they also don't understand how rape can cause pregnancy and they deny global warming. It's obvious these same wrong minded people can't be trusted to understand macro economics.

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