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Monday, October 14, 2013

House Speaker Boehner Must be Under Threat of Blackmaiil of Unknown Origin: Why Else Would He Undermine Democracy? Vote!

Right wing extremist Republicans who are holding the US economy hostage are acting like the Peanuts cartoon character Lucy, who tricks Charlie Brown, every year, when she promises to hold the football, while he charges for a long yard kick. Every single time, Lucy pulls the football just before gullible Charlie Brown can kick the pigskin and he always falls flat on his rear end. It's supposed to be funny but not when it's an analogy for a political power struggle.

Everybody who follows comic books knows this predictable scheme. Nevertheless, Charlie Brown somehow falls for it, regardless of how many times he's foiled.  

That's why it's unbelievable that President Obama or any self respecting American can believe, even for one second, that Republican have any intention to resolve our nation's economic crises. They're lying to Americans with euphemisms like fiscal restraint  big government, Obamacare or voter identification. These words are simply smokescreen footballs. America's economy can expand and prosper with government investment, especially if President Obama's American Jobs Act is passed. Meanwhile, stupid Republicans are holding important infrastructure projects hostage to a budget sequester that serves no purpose, whatsoever, while bridges and highways are being maintained with piecemeal fixes.

If House Speaker Boehner called for a clean majority vote resolution, this entire avoidable and preventable crises would disappear. Nonetheless, he won't do it. Why?  He doesn't give any reason other than the Congress wants a repeal of President Obama's health care reform "Obamacare". Even if the President, for some reason, repealed his signature legislation, this wouldn't solve the "stupid sequester" or resolve the dangerous precedent this kind of hostage taking will set up for all future presidents.

Therefore, my opinion is that somebody must be using blackmail against House Speaker Boehner. Is the Speaker being bullied by right wing extremists who will, no doubt, put another right wing extremist up for election in a primary to remove the Speaker if he caves to majority rule? Well, so what? What could be worse than House Speaker Boehner? Not much.

My feeling is that House Speaker Boehner has a very dark skeleton in his closet and he'll do anything to keep it there, including bringing down the US economy.  

Where are investigative reporters who, once upon a time. routed out this kind of political dysfunction? Where are the Investigative Reporters and Editors?  They have a website but do they do anything? Honestly, I don't know what this IRE organization does, but surely nobody is working to uncover the "who" or "what" that holds House Speaker Boehner hostage and, perhaps, under threat of blackmail.

President Obama has two crises to resolve. He must save the American economy from the grips of a minority of extremists and he must prevent this type of hostage taking behavior from ever raising it's snake head in our nation, ever again. This might include a Constitutional Amendment to prevent anyone from shutting down government again, for any reason. He simply can't kick Lucy's football down the road.

It makes no sense for a minority of right wing extremists to control a democratic nation where majority rules. If House Speaker Boehner were a leader, he'd defy the right wing extremists and call for a clean resolution vote to purge our nation of minority rule.

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