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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Republican Childish Bully Tactics - Unpatriotic is an Understatement!

Wearing red white and blue lapel flags while rallying behind slogans like, "Freedom is not Free", might create a patriotic facade for Republicans. Nonetheless, as a political party, they sure don't appear to be very patriotic when they line up, in lock step, behind efforts to throw the nation into an economic abyss and over the "fiscal cliff".  

While Americans send United Nations monitors around the world to monitor the developing worlds' elections, our own national Republican party won't abide the basic rule of the democracy - ie, the person with the most votes wins the election.  President Obama and the Democrats won the 2012 election.  While Republicans shield themselves with shrouds of red white and blue, draped in patriotic slogans, they ignore the results of the 2012 election. 

In so doing, they're in denial about the fate of their own party's political future.  Just look into any political crystal ball and see the face of Democrat Hilary Clinton swirling into the 2016 election.  What does this mean for Republicans?  If they ever come out of their fantasy trance about the past and 2012, they'll realize they must support the Democratic agenda! It's politically the time to wait for another opportunity to rise. Meanwhile, they are being blamed for the debacle they're inciting by obstructing a fiscal deal to save our nation's economy from the potential of another recession.

When Senator Lindsey Graham calls for Republicans to obstruct a deal with Democrats about resolved the looming "fiscal cliff", before the end of this calendar year, he's throwing his political party over an abyss from which they may not recover.  His nonsensical comments ignore the Senator's responsibility to uphold the US Constitution by abiding the outcome of the 2012 election.  Moreover, he isn't considering the potential political consequences of his childish and bullying behavior.  By not cooperating with Democrats, he could be pushing the Republican party into total irrelevance  handing Democrats a completion of 2012 with a sweep of the 2014 Congress and the 2016 Presidential elections.

Although Democrats may even relish these obstructionist tactics, by so doing, we are just a mirror of the Republicans we hold in contempt.  Likewise, Democrats must call on Republicans to show leadership rather than obstructionism because, as patriotic Americans, we must do what is in the best interest of all the people. We are a nation "of the people and for the people". 

We must be Americans first and partisans only during an election.  It's time for us to be grown up Americans and fix the nation's looming fiscal crises.  



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