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Thursday, October 18, 2012

When Words Mean What They Mean - Verbal Relativism

Right wing extremist radio braggart Rush Limbaugh doesn't need a "word smith" to redefine his use of the English language.  He's brutal.  What he says is what he means to say.

Nonetheless, other right wing extremists appear to reinvent, revise and reinterpret what they want other people to say, to fit their conservative motives.
For example, President Obama said the tragic assault and death of our ambassador in Behghazi was an "act of terror". Somehow, this literal description doesn't meet the intentionality of right wing extremists, who want to believe President Obama did not say what he said; therefore, they pretend he didn't say it, regardless of proof to substantiate the facts.  This technique has a new name. It's called "verbal relativism".  In other words, it's creating ambiguity around facts so they are not what they appear.  It's putting facts into a different context from where they are perceived to have occurred.  Verbal relativists create lies out of facts.

Blogger Jay Bookman writes:  "The most dramatic moment of last night’s (second) debate came when Mitt Romney insisted that President Obama had not immediately called the deadly attack on our consulate in Benghazi an act of terror. Obama just as boldly insisted that he had, and for a moment it appeared as if the two men were about to bet $10,000, if not the presidency itself, on the outcome of their disagreement."  

An example of verbal relativism.
Meanwhile, the re-crafting of language to fit a particular purpose is intended to stir ambiguity among people who want to believe "the best of time or worst of times" by believing the controlling message of the moment.

Right wing fundamentalist Christians believe in a concrete interpretation of the Bible. They sure don't believe in verbal relativism when it comes to the Sacred Scriptures. Many of these fundamentalist Christians recoil at the very hint of relativism in the Bible.  Yet, many of these and other followers of conservative political movements are quick to buy into words being crafted to suit the intention of a political motive.  

If President Obama said "act of terror" then he said what he meant to say.

It's horrifying for me and others to even remotely consider what our nation would be like if we're held hostage to people who craft language in the way they want to, for purpose of controlling others.

Political analysts like Karl Rove and those who pay his expensive bills know how to use words in ways to motivate people like psychological robots.  

These political "word smiths" have so much money to spend on their messaging, they could probably fill the entire medication donut hole for Senior Citizens, without using Medicare money.

Nevertheless, Rove and his rich kind don't care about any body's well being. They are fixated non their ability to control through political power, regardless of the consequences their actions bring upon others who disagree with them.

Many voters, especially some Independents trying to break away from partisan politics, are targeted by "word smith worms" who want to infest their minds with ambiguity.

Unfortunately, 2012 election politics is so daunting that it's impossible to keep up with the strategic tactics and mis-information.  I believe people have turned off political advertising, but networks and cable TV are raking in millions of dollars while few are listening to commercials paid for by unbelievable amounts of money, given in campaign contributions. 

,Meanwhile, oftentimes, pundits play to the political image of the moment, rather than messaging.  

For example, did President Obama and Governor Romney spar like roosters in the second debate?  Oh paleeze!  Was the title of the "presidential debate" changed to "presidential conversation"?  Of course not.  

Let's get back to analyzing words for what they mean, not what we want them to mean.  Let's read what candidates say and not fixate on how they are said.  In other words, let's elect a President who tells Americans the truth.  Let's re-elect a truthful President Barack Obama.



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