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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Romney - Binders full of Women? Another Big Bird Romney Moment

Three major screwed up media moments in the Romney campaign in the past two weeks.  During the second presidential debate, Romney spoke about his "binders" full of women's names who, he said, were sent during the hiring process for his gubernatorial administration in Massachusetts.

This imagery presents a daunting sexist hiring selection process. Media needs to find out the pay the women selected from the binder received, after they were hired.  It's doubtful their pay was equal to the men who held the same or similar jobs.

An image of Romney with a big white binder is trending on social media. This is over the top imagery after the "Will Work for Food" picture of Big Bird being fired by Romney, who said he'll cut funding for public broadcasting - an eye drop amount of money, compared to the national budget.

Adding to these two caustic images, put the picture of Congressman Paul Ryan washing clean pots in a Youngstown, OH, St. Vincent de Paul soup kitchen.  Not the sort of dedicated caring for the poor St. Vincent de Paul advocated for during his long career of saintly service.  

"The poor have much to teach us," is a St. Vincent de Paul quote.

President Obama is telling American people the truth about his leadership - while Governor Romney continues to use theatrics throughout his campaign.  Romney's Big-Bird, white binder theatrics are smokescreens, fogging specifics about a tax plan hidden from public scrutiny.  

Let's re-elect our statesman, President Barack Obama. 

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