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Friday, October 12, 2012

Over Verbalization Strategy- Congressman Paul Ryan Tried to Soak Up All the Debate Oxygen

Republicans are miffed because Vice President Joe Biden wouldn't let Congressman Paul Ryan use over verbalization during their debate. Republicans who can't handle Biden being aggressively truthful in the debate are, frankly, full of malarkey.

In my opinion, the "keep talking technique" was a Republican strategy. Congressman Ryan intentionally soaked up his debate response time for the purpose of running over Vice President Joe Biden, but it didn't work. He couldn't over verbalize Biden.
The Wall Street Journal continues the whine:  "The vice-presidential debate Thursday night was full of interruptions (Joe Biden wouldn't let Paul Ryan finish a sentence) as both candidates (Paul Ryan interrupted too) tried to draw stark contrasts to rally their bases."  

Oh paaaleeeze, Wall Street Journal, get over it! What about substance?
I just don't know why telling the truth in a debate appears to be secondary to the presentation of the debaters. Of course, presentation, affect and respect are important attributes for debaters, especially for the President and the Vice-President of the United States. Yet, these attributes shouldn't trump truthfulness.

In my opinion, if Vice President Biden had been less animated than he was, the pundits would be calling him out for not doing enough to save the first debate performance of President Barack Obama.

President Barack Obama made no mistakes in his first Presidential debate opposite Republican Mitt Romney, yet pundits and public opinion tells us he "lost" the debate. Governor Romney, on the other hand, walked right into an avoidable debacle about firing the Sesame Street character Big Bird, saying he'd fire the popular show including one of its most popular characters. This should have tanked Romney's entire debate performance, but it turned out to be an inconsequential artifact. President Obama is perceived as having lost the debate because he didn't interrupt, he wasn't theatrical and he didn't use exaggerated gestures.  "I was too polite," Obama said.

My point, made on the first night of the Presidential debates continues, for what it's worth. Truthfulness should trump style.  Ryan's over verbalization, soaking up the oxygen in the Vice-Presidential debate, doesn't compensate for the flip flops he made about what Romney's tax plan includes or how women will be able to access confidential health care services under a Republican administration.

Republicans were waiting for Vice-President Joe Biden to make an irreversible gaff during the one and only debate he had with Congressman Paul Ryan.  When the Republicans didn't get their way, when Biden took charge of the debate, they resorted to whining about too many interruptions.  

It's time Americans interrupt the Republican one sided lie campaign and demand truthfulness before being critical of style subtleties.

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