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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Romney-Ryan Rolling Rhetoric - Chime Balls Clinking Lies

Why do Romney and Ryan continue to lie?  

They are like political Chinese chime balls. They're rolling around, "clink", then roll in another direction.  When will this rolling rhetoric stop?  Americans can't let these lies stand, because they're deplorable, deliberate and determined to detract from facts, like tax policy and health care reform.

This "lie" mantra against Romney is growing like an echo chamber of yodelers in the Swiss Alps.  "Liaria-iaira-iair!"  Yet, Romney believes his lies are catching on, so he won't stop telling them. This is dangerous.

"Etch-A-Sketch at Warp Speed - An extremely fast Liar", says Bob Shrum a Democratic strategist. "A trick to deceive voters to vote against themselves."

Here are just a few examples- there are literally hundreds of these examples in the current news cycles:

"Mitt Romney takes a position on tax policy, then his staff says something else. Romney takes a position on Iran, then his staff says something else. Romney takes a position on health care, then his staff says something else. Romney takes a position on his own immigration adviser, then his staff says something else."

"For months, Mitt Romney has argued repeatedly that President Obama raised taxes. It's not really true -- Obama has cut taxes repeatedly -- but it's a standard line of attack."

I'm not just talking about the occasional post-speech clarification, either. On immigration, Iran, taxes, and reproductive rights, Candidate Romney says one thing, while Team Romney says something else. It happened again last night.

Mitt Romney, Lies, and Videotape - by David Leopold

"'The truth shall set you free,' so the Bible teaches. But Gov. Mitt Romney understands it will cost him the election." (Julie's op-ed: Governor Romney knows market research- he doesn't know truth.)

"So during last Wednesday's debate he did his best to look presidential while he spewed lies, half-truths and inconsistencies at the American people. Romney lied about his tax plan, he lied about his plan for Americans with pre-existing medical conditions, and he lied about his plans for Medicare."

"President Obama was clearly off his game (during the debate), yet he did not yield a single embarrassing YouTube moment nor that say anything that could swing the election against him -- like Gerald Ford's infamous gaffe during his 1976 debate with Jimmy Carter when he claimed Eastern Europe was not under Soviet domination."

Americans should inform themselves by watching the PBS Frontline feature where Romney's motivation is discussed by people who are clearly not politically motivated. A link to the broadcast is available online or at

Romney-Ryan are outrageously continuing their Rolling Rhetoric. Americans must vote for President Barack Obama and against the rolling R's.

Although I know Romney-Ryan lie because they believe it will win them the 2012 election, the fact is, lies don't start and stop like water flowing through a faucet.  Any Romney-Ryan leadership will continue to be rolling in lies.

American voters must re-elect President Obama.

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