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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Congratulations Vice President Joe Biden

One of my Twitter followers said it all:  "I'd sure like to be Jill Biden tonight!"

Another follower named Angie said, "This debate is so exciting even my dog is watching it!"

Thank goodness Vice-President Joe Biden was able to push back on the confusing verbalization Congressman Ryan tried to shove through this evenings important debate.  I've said this before, but, forgive me, Congressman Ryan looks like The Little Rascals character Alfalfa, sort of grown up.

Unfortunately, Senator Mitch McConnell told Brian Williams on NBCNightly News that he thought Vice-President Joe Biden interrupted too much, but he didn't defend what Congressman Ryan said in the debate, especially about womens health.  

Vice-President spoke with authority throughout the debate.

In my mind, it was clearly a Congressman Ryan strategy to keep talking so he would force Vice President Biden to interrupt, because too much mis-information was just spewing out without opportunity for rebuttal.

My favorite points made by Vice President Biden had to do with his extraordinary defense of Medicare.  As for the war hungry Romney-Ryan compulsion about more defense spending, why do they ignore the advice of President Eisenhower  who warned about the military industrial complex?  

On domestic policy, I agree with pundits who are incredulous about how Congressman Ryan blamed his staff on having asked for stimulus money, when he voted against the bill!

On womens health, Congressman Ryan changed the focus. In fact, the Congressman said the government would pass laws to regulate how women access health care!  Whatever happened to "getting government out of our lives!. Oh, except for womens lives! This is very dangerous.

Well, I recommend that Vice-President Joe Biden should be the surrogate debate partner for President Barack Obama!



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