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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Carnac the Magnificent: Predicting the Romney Tax Plan

Johnny Carson was comically brilliant on the Tonight Show, when prognosticating as the mystical character named 
"Carnac the Magnificent"

If Johnny were still alive, he'd find the mythical Romney tax plan tucked away in Carnac's magical Mayonnaise Jar!

This is how the Tonight Show skit worked. Ed McMahon, who was Johnny Carson's side kick, gave the character, Carnac, noble fanfare before moving into a question and answer. Invariably, the audience reactions to the questions usually had a lot to do with how the predetermined comedy predictions were presented. 

Ed invariably led with this ( as per 
"You know how this game is played. Carnac The Magnificent, with his mystic and sometime borderline powers will tell us the answers BEFORE he reads the questions!! I hold in my hand, the envelopes containing the questions. These envelopes have been hermetically sealed in a mayonnaise jar and stored at Funk & Wagnall's since NOON to day! NO ONE, NOT EVENT THE GREAT CARNAC has seen them! Are you ready to play?"

Our nation's second presidential debate between President Obama and Governor Mitt Romney is coming up. Perhaps, the town hall style questions are hermetically sealed in a mayonnaise jar, because they'll be known only by selected audience members.  

Surely, someone in the town hall format will ask Governor Romney to explain his mystical tax plan, whereby, he proposes to magically fill a 5 trillion dollar national deficit, without raising taxes.  

If Carnac could answer the town hall audience question before it is even asked, it might go something like this:

Carnac: ...and the answer is, "A pig in a poke"

Ed says:  "A pig in a poke"

Carnac looks at the audience, ceremoniously opens the hermetically sealed envelope and reads the question:  "The Romney-Ryan tax plan".

God Rest Johnny Carson's soul.  
Long live Carnac the Magnificent.
I do believe "he got it".  

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