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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

President Obama Finally Tells Governor Romney to Tell the Truth

President Barack Obama was stellar this evening in the second Presidential Debate.

Governor Romney was finally prevented from grandstanding and did not get away with using bully tactics.

Yes, the President was finally able to hold Governor Romney accountable for claiming 47 percent of Americans consider themselves to be victims because they have earned their government benefits, like Social Security, Medicare, veterans care and student loans.

What pleased me most about the President Obama debate performance was the number of times Governor Romney was held accountable for not answering questions.  

Governor Romney never defended equal pay for women, like the Ledbetter Act. In fact, he misled about Massachusetts by saying he hired women for the governor's staff, but those women were paid less than their male counterparts. Even his family's maid was paid less than what a typical house staff person would be paid for helping with a family of six:,11235592
WASHINGTON -- For a woman with three houses and sixteen grandkids, Ann Romney doesn't have very much help around the house, according to her 2010 tax return.

IRS forms released Tuesday by Mitt Romney's presidential campaign show that despite reporting income of $21.7 million, the couple paid only $20,603 in taxable wages for household help in 2010. This figure was divided among four women: Rosania Costa ($4,808), Kelli Harrison ($8,667), Susan Moore ($2,238) and Valerie Cravens Anae ($4,890).

Candy Crowley was a good moderator and she was, thankfully, able to correct Governor Romney's mis-statement about how President Obama explained the violence in Benghazi, Libya.  

Clear debate victory for President Obama.



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