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Monday, October 15, 2012

Social Media - Creating A Pundit Every Micro Second

Social media right wing stalkers are like two headed monsters, espcially when they want to bully their political point of view.

Politics has gone viciously "viral" in the age of fast spreading social media news. Instantaneous news "according to the poster" has inflamed on-line bully behavior. People in the social media suddenly have found credibility, just because they can pound out whatever they want to say, often in 140 characters or less, while harming others in the process. They're disagreeable people who don't respond to rational thinking. Sadly, their numbers appear to be growing. My non-scientific, on line feedback, indicates that right wing social media men and women, the self proclaimed pundits, are ripe for vengeance against anybody who disagrees with them. Doubly unfortunately, right wing extremists fuel these on line stalkers because they scare us away from truth.
It's very concerning to find the growing number of people trolling the social media, under the protection of anonymity, while lurking for opportunities to bully and control conversations.

I'm worried about who these sick social media stalkers are influencing. Unfortunately, they must be impacting somebody, or they wouldn't continue to bully with vitriolic and nonsensical social media behavior. There would be no reinforcement for their irrational on-line behavior, unless people appear to be susceptible to their forceful communications techniques and tangential mis-information.
My response to these habitual social media stalkers is to be firm with facts, which is akin to putting a Crucifix in the face of a vampire. Reason is incomprehensible to these people. Often, they'll recoil in the face of truth, like a serpent into a rock, but, not for long. Although they'll never respond rationally to issues with which they disagree, they often come back to bite you with something ridiculous, like they have two demon heads. With each issue they can't rationalize, they grow a new head. It takes the equivilent of a social media Sir Galahad to deal with these serpents.

Many of these habitual bullies are voters. Moreover, they vote for the most extreme candidate who mirrors their limited view of the world, according to "them".

Although there's lots of on line etiquette to help people understand good social media manners, the bully zealots have no interest in reading anything that deviates from their quest to control others. My serious thinking friends simply won't engage on sites like "twitter" or "facebook", because they, understandably, won't deal with the stress these unreasonable bullies bring into their computers. Even some nice friends post political garbage on my facebook But, because I'm more polite than they are, I simply let it roll down my timeline until I replace the message with something else. I mean, it's okay to say you support some cause or candidate, it's not appropriate to feed me your opinion more than one time.

More important, it's totally inappropriate to bully. 

A right wing woman on twitter, who says she lives in Eastern Massachusetts  accused me of creating bold accusations, simply because I asked her why she would vote Republican, when her best interest for women's health are not represented by conservative candidates? Her response to me was that 99 percent of all women's health issues could be taken care of with exercise Ahaa! So, here's a moment when truth is like a Crucifix in the face of a vampire. I explained how exercise doesn't cure breast cancer, cervical cancer or protect women from incest or rape. That's when she accused me of making bold assumptions! It's that two headed monster thing. So, I blocked her, of course. 

I'm praying for these right wing social media stalkers to find the help they need to think clearly. It's not that they disagree, but they are so disagreeable. I'm hopeful these media stalkers will eventually find the correct medication to allow their brains to function rationally.  

Their one head is damaging the social media networks. None of us need more people with two irrational heads.  Additionally, truth needs to be kept in the face of these reproducing pundits, so they will take their bully behavior back into their rocks, where concrete thinking can be buried.



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