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Sunday, June 10, 2012

New Majority Agenda- Gertrude Stein and Ronald Reagan

Of course, you've noticed, expensive New Majority Agenda negative political ads are all over television.  

Revenues generated to the media by these ads would likely sustain the economies of several desperately poor developing countries. 

Some television markets show these ads as often as several times every hour!  

Only one purpose is served by this wasteful expenditure of money. Repeating the same relentlessly negative message over and over and over and over, will consume the general public political awareness. We'll eventually become demoralized by the negative content. Like an Adolf Huxley twisted nightmare, the psychological brainwashing will prevent ordinary people from thinking through solutions to the problematic issues of our time.  Instead, we'll be brainwashed into a single mind set consistent with the theme of these New Majority Agenda deceitful ads.  

Of course, the prevailing theme of these ads are a broad based damaging attack on President Barack Obama's economic policies.  There's no time, at all, given to the successes of President Obama's policies. Rather, the New Majority Agenda creates a majority of lies, with unsubstantiated information, to misinform the public. This is now perfectly legal, ever since the US Supreme Court ruled in the Citizens United case, claiming corporations are entitled to free speech, even the right to lie.  Real people, who obviously aren't corporations, can sue for libel when lies harm a person's reputation.  Corporations, however, are apparently permitted to lie because they enjoy freedom of speech rights.

Gertrude Stein and President Ronald Reagan would conceptualize New Majority's messaging in succinctly quaint prose. Stein might say, "... New Majority Agenda ads could be a rose is a rose is a rose, if they didn't smell so  bad....".  Her conceptual image of the rose might well be the boldness of the lies presented as truths in the ads.  

President Ronald Reagan would be even more quaint. He might say, "There you go again....and again....and again...and again..."  

Perhaps President Obama could consider how to create his own rebuttal to the New Majority of Lies ads, using similarly creative language.  Some suggestions might include,  "Majorities move people forward", referring to the regressive attitudes presented by soft spoken voice overs in the ad narratives.  It's regressive to talk about adult children moving back home without also suggesting a progressive policy, which is to lower student college debt by reducing interest rates on their loans.

Another idea might be,  "Agenda's don't solve problems, people do". This could be followed with an explanation about how a Majority of Americans still believe in an agenda where we take care of one another, with the help of responsible wealth sharing, where rich people pay their fair share of taxes to raise every one's standard of living.

Okay, I'm not running a single person focus group in this blog, but just pointing out some alternatives to The New Majority Agenda's brainwashing repetitiveness.  

My Gertrude Stein "rose" is to take on the disguise of the New Majority Agenda and expose the lies for what they are.  A lie is a lie is a lie.

There I go again! Indeed, more blogging about the New Majority Agenda lies is forthcoming.



Blogger Researcher said...

VERY WELL DONE!!! More people need to be as informed and I noticed no one has asked the Question... Who is the New Mojority.

9:28 PM  
Blogger Juliana Maine Writer said...

Dear Researcher - Good question! I'm still trying to find out what or who is the New Majority Agenda but I suspect it's a right wing political action group of rich people, intent on brainwashing the American voters by creating a cynical electorate. The US Supreme Court authorized these political action committee ads in the Citizens United Ruling - said, in effect, corporations are entitled to free speech just like people are...

2:10 PM  

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