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Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Real time pre-existing condition - first person narrative

Americans generally believe a "pre-esixting condition" is a health risk that most indivduals can somehow prevent. But, frankly, "pre-existing" is practically any illness or condition that the payor of health care or insurer says it is.  Those who may be diagnosed with a behavioral health disorder are vulnerable even though these particular conditions might be transient episodes.

Here's a real time first person example described in a letter to the Portsmouth (New Hampshire) "Seacoast online" Herald).  In fact, the Republican "unhealthy" insurance bill, intended to repeal and replace of the successful Obamacare, will increase premiums for this letter writer and cause her to be flagged as having a pre-existing health condition for which she needs treatment.

ELIOT, Me- In February I was walking on my college campus when, suddenly, I was engulfed by fear and ineffable thoughts of doom. My body became drenched in sweat, my thoughts were racing, and my heart was pounding out of my chest. When I finally made it to class, I didn’t want to be there. I didn’t want to learn, I didn’t want to socialize with my friends, I wanted to die.

This episode led to my diagnosis as a victim of a panic disorder. Since then, I take a daily medication that allows me to fully function and feel like myself (a happy, driven young adult). Without this medication I can barely leave my bed. With it, I’m not forced to think about my disorder or let it define me. But that will all change if Republicans pass their new “healthcare” bill.

Under Trumpcare, I am reduced to someone with a pre-existing condition and nothing more. Under Trumpcare, I will be punished for something I can’t control.

If Republicans pass this bill, 22 million people will lose their health insurance. That means that millions of people will be unable to afford their daily medication that allows them to function as a normal human being.

Senate Republicans postponed the vote on this bill, but that doesn’t mean the fight is over. I urge everyone to keep speaking out because together we can ensure that people like me can continue living their lives without any illness defining them.

Ashley Rose Lokken Eliot, Maine

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