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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Cruel Republican social policies - Fredericksburg Virginia letter

"...when we call ourselves a Christian nation, (how) we can just sit by and let this happen?" - Hatfield in

Update in my "echo", a series of letters to the editors, published in randomly read newspapers.

Here's a letter published July 4th in Virginia.

GOP, Trump policies have proven heartless

STAFFORD, Va- Republicans in Congress are pulling off their reverse Robin Hood act, right in front of everyone’s eyes.

They have taken a health care reform bill and turned it into a gigantic tax cut for the wealthy, while removing coverage from the needy.

Remember Donald Trump: health care for everyone, lower costs, lower deductibles and no cuts to Medicaid.

What a joke.

As for tax reform—start with a huge cut for the wealthy, throw a few crumbs to everyone else, and we are done.

Again, remember Trump: tax cuts for hard-working Americans, and no cuts for the wealthy. Again, just another funny joke.

If Republicans can find a way to blame all their policies on immigrants, they will be fine.

I do not understand how in our society, when we call ourselves a Christian nation, we can just sit by and let this happen.

This group of people in Washington is saying: We are better than the poor, the poor created their own situation and we are tired of giving them a free ride. Poor people can now care for themselves. And if they can’t, “Oh, well, I’m still OK.”

It’s very easy to close your eyes and walk on by, but is that the type of person you really want to be?

We do have morals. And a country is only as strong as its weakest person.

Right now, we are just making our weakest persons weaker.

Elliot Hatfield - Stafford Va

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