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Sunday, March 06, 2016

Maine Republican caucus - delegates went three ways

Maine is close to Canada, said Donald Trump. (Trump is knowledgeable about his US geography.)

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Maine is close to Canada, so broken clock award to Trump.
Only 1.275,000 less than 2 million people only about 20,000 GOP casucus voters spread their votes for 5 in the Republican line up of candidates.  Three of them shared the delegates.

In Maine, 18,650 voters turned out. Although numbers were an increase over 2012, they broke out over 5 candidates, with no clear winner, because no one received 50 percent of the votes, required to take all.

Here's a reality check on the media hype about Maine's Republican caucuses held in 16 counties where about 20,000 people cast ballots in central locations. Maine has about 1.275 million people. Do the math. At the end of counting, Senator Ted Cruz, in no way imaginable, won a decisive victory. Instead, Cruz simply receive more votes than the other candidates in the line up.

In fact, Senator Cruz did not even win in all 16 Maine counties!
Cruz was unable to secure more than 50 percent of the votes cast. As a result, he and other candidates will share a portion of the delegates. Cruz won 12 delegates!

Trump had nine and Kasich two.

Governor Paul LePage supported Donald Trump. 

The ultraconservative Texas Senator Cruz received his first New England vote count over Trump, but it's more likely his numbers were symptomatic of Maine‚Äôs closed caucus system and a backlash from evangelicals against Trump, the ostentatious billionaire who is backed by Gov. Paul LePage (along with Governor Chris Christie, Governor Jan Brewer, George Senator Jefferson Sessions, and Governor Sarah Palin.)

Of course, Donald Trump's recognition of Cruz receiving 8,550 Maine votes was attributed to the state's proximity to Canada. 

Obviously, Trump didn't miss an opportunity to raise the issue about Calgary, Canada, being the Ted Cruz birthplace, challenging his qualification to be elected president under the US Constitution. It makes sense for Cruz to take 12 delegates in Maine, because the state is so close to Canada, said Trump. (Broken clock award!)

Maine's closed Republican caucus process is centralized in certain locations, not easily accessible to qualified attendees.

Another reality check for Donald Trump and Ted Cruz supporters- it's highly doubtful voters in Canada would caucus for either one of them.  Both Republican candidates are anti-immigrantion, political conservatives who pander to the religious right. These are three strikes and you're out for Canadians.  

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