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Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Donald Trump's is ugly ultimate insult to Going Out Party GOP

Racist Donald "Trump the Chump" (now named "Drumpf" by John Oliver), the Republican presidential candidate, has trashed the once-upon-a-time "Grand Old Party". Those who support Donald Trump, like Maine Governor Paul LePage, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, former Arizona Governor Jan Brewer and racist Georgia Senator Jeff Sessions, are now the "Going Out Party". They're being sucked into a political vortex of disrepectful mud slugging, void of any humanitarian enlightenment.  
Republicans who support Donald Trump "Drumpf" are being sucked into a vortex of racism

What's even worse (if you can imagine worse) than the childish, ugly and darkly insulting accusations now included in our political discourse are the dual standards created by Drumpfianisms. For example, if our children used labels like "he's a joker", "he's a liar", "she's got blood coming from who knows where", "I don't know David Duke", and too many other stupidity statements and insults to list in any one single blog, we'd punish their immature behavior. Yet, Drumpf gets away with this low life behavior.

Somehow, in 2016 politics, this kind of non-productive behavior is becoming commonplace. Hopefully, however, the trend towards insutling incivility will not be tolerated. Americans must vote against Republicans in every election.

Democrats, on the other hand, are shining like comets in a night sky, with our two inspiring candidates. Secretary Hillary Clinton and Senator Bernie "feel the Burn" Sanders, are both presidential. They debate with ideas, rather than insults!

Adding to the Republican hypocrisies are the candidates' destructive infighting, splitting their sparse political hairs over who is a conservative, while, at the same time, Secreatary Hillary Clinton has endured overwhelming and unsubstantiated criticisms. Yet, Secretary Clinton has endured the Republican hypocrisy and she's still here. As Barbara Stiesand sings- "I'm still here!"

Indeed, Secretary Clinton has endured horrific Republican mukkraking from right wing politicians, like Congressman Trey Gowdy, who is a look-alike for almost any scary Harry Potter movie character.

Donald Trump doesn't represent Americans. Instead, Trump is an example of the worst of American racist extremism. To my internatioal blog readers, I apologize for the Trump "Drumpfism".

On the other hand, Secretary Hillary Clinton is the First Lady of the World!  I'm asking the American people to vote Hillary2016!

Let the racist Going Out Party be sucked into their black vortex of political shame.

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