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Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Donald Trump and his chicken in every pot

When Super Tuesday March 1st elections were called, we saw Donald Trump take center stage on a made for TV comedy routine to answer questions from the media. During his chaperoned comments, the Humpty Dumpty Governor Chris Christie was the bouncer behind the "chicken in every pot" bravado.  I listened to Trump bully the Speaker of the House Paul Ryan about how they might get along, or not. Moreover, a litany was recited about how the anti-immigration wall would be paid for by Mexico, the crumbling infrastructure of the US would magically be fixed while taxes would be cut and, oh yes, somehow, Obamacare would be replaced with something better. 

Oh paaaaleeeze! Will Donald Trump be using his personal wealth to fund all of the above? Of course not! In fact, the Donald Trump plan for America's greatness must be tax dependent. Trump will have to raise taxes to support these chicken in every pot promises. Honestly? I'm not opposed to raising taxes when value is attached to the bill. But, Donald Trump isn't being truthful when he promises the chicken in every pot, without saying anything about how he'll pay for his delusional plans.

Donald Trump is making delusional promises without a plan about how to pay for them
In fact, Republican establishment conservatives are finally calling for Trump's accountability. Unfortunately, they've waited a long time, before finally swinging.

George Will is even calling Trump a "coward".

George Will unloads on “coward” Trump: Conservative icon calls him “a presidential aspirant who would flunk an eighth-grade civics exam”
Take a moment to appreciate some catty conservative infighting as GOP inches toward nominating a neo-fascist

Conservative columnist George Will on Tuesday body-slammed GOP frontrunner Donald Trump in an essay for the Hartford Courant. And though Will’s critique can be added to the pile of too-little-too-late efforts to stop the neo-fascist from steamrolling Super Tuesday, it’s actually quite funny.

Likening Trump’s “distinctive rhetorical style” to “a drunk with a bullhorn reading aloud James Joyce’s ‘Finnegans Wake’ under water,” Will goes on to call Donald a “thin-skinned tough guy,” who “resembles a campus crybaby who has wandered out of his ‘safe space'” — the ultimate conservative chirp.

And, “(l)ike all bullies,” Will adds, “Trump is a coward, and like all those who feel the need to boast about being strong and tough, he is neither.”
Citing Trump’s purported plan to “loosen up those libel laws” to easier sue the pants off publications whose reporting doesn’t meet his standards of niceness, Will claims Trump “has neither respect for nor knowledge of the Constitution.” A claim bolstered by Trump’s weirdly inept (even for Trump) understanding of the judicial process during last’s week’s debate:  “Trump, during the Houston debate, said that his sister, a federal judge, ‘signed a certain bill’ and that Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito also ‘signed that bill.’ So, the leading Republican candidate, the breadth of whose ignorance is the eighth wonder of the world, actually thinks that judges ‘sign bills.’ Trump is a presidential aspirant who would flunk an eighth-grade civics exam.”

George Will and even the conservative rubber stamp William Kristol are now trying to bring down Donald Trump, because he is erratic and emotionally labile.  

Obviously, the personal attacks against Trump are failing to change minds, but if Trumponian supporters knew the cost of their delusional icon's plans, it might be like giving them political narcan.

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