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Friday, March 04, 2016

Jobs report explains Republican rancor about hands, ears and even yoga

If the comedian Groucho Marx were alive, he'd be asking Republicans if anybody knew their "secret word". Obviously, the Republicans aren't using "jobs" as their secret word. They're ignoring the near zero US unemployment rate.

What messages are Republicans telling voters, to help build their presidential campaigns?
Comedian Groucho Marx made jokes with contenstants on "You Bet Your Life"  about saying the "secret word".  Do the 2016 Republicans have a secret word for planning America's future?

Sadly, the Republican party has tanked into a tub of degrading pollutant narratives because, frankly, none of the "unpresidential" candidates have anything else to talk about. Consider the February jobs report, for example. Where is the Republican response to the the brisk February jobs report? Certainly, February's jobs report deserves more than the Republican's perverse narratives about the size of Donald Trump's hands, a description of Marco Rubio's ears, the reference to "Yoga", rather discuss substanative issues, as have erupted in the candidate's debates (as well as other irrelevance).
US unemployment is declining to nearly full employment 
The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the US economy added 242,000 jobs in February (2016), with the unemployment rate flat at 4.9%. A survey ahead of the report showed economists had been expecting to add 200,000 jobs.

Overall, the jobs report showed that the labor market remained resilient, while strong employment gains were recorded in healthcare, retail trade, and restaurants.

In fact, Republicans have no coherent message to give to Americans. It seems the presidential candidates - "Trump-Drumpf", "Cruz to loose" and "Blinkie Bottle Rubio", are running entirely on their fantasy inflated egoes. If Republicans happen to have a message they want to give the American voters, they should reveal their plans. 

Rather than building their "stupid party" labels by trading barbs about the size of their hands, sexual inuendos, ear shapes and talking about Yoga, we need to know their "secret words". 

For Democrats, the secret word is justifiably a boastful four letter word. J-O-B-S

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