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Saturday, March 05, 2016

Chris Christie's microphone envy

In my opnion, Governor Chris Christie must've gone into a political trance. Apparantly, Christie experienced a syndrome known as "microphone envy" when he was hypnotically summoned to introduce Donald Trump, after endorsing him, because he really had nothing better to do, after he left the 2016 presidential primary line-up, due to lack of support for his own camapign. Thinking about life without a microphone must've seemed intolerable to Christie.

Lots of comments about what Governor Christie could possibly have been thinking while he stood uncharacteristically quiet while Donald Trump claimed Super Tuesday primary victories, sans Texas, after a lackluster introduction. It was a terrible graphic, like Laurel and Hardy nightmare where somebody put up American flags for background color. 

Some of the graphic, post event, parodies were obviously funny; but the comparisoms are becoming scarier and scarier.

Now Christie is being called the Judas of the GOP, as in an article by Ian Tuttle in the

Christie and Trump. .. How dare you defile the sanctity and perfection of Hogan's Heroes with our modern day political filth.
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(But, maybe it's not so funny)

The GOP Judases who endorse Trump by Ian Tuttle- summarized in "The Week".

When Chris Christie endorsed Donald Trump last week (post Super Tuesday), said Ian Tuttle, it was "the most transparent display of affection since Judas Iscariot's Gethsemane smooch."  Christie had spent the past several months mocking Trump's promises that he'd deport 12 million illegal immigrants and force Mexico to pay for a massive border wall, and reportedly told the New Hampshire Union Leader he would "never" support Tump.  (Wow! I wonder how the Union Leader's publisher Joseph W. McQuaid feels about Governor Christie now! Not so good, I suspect.)

But, with his term as New Jersey governor expiring next year, Christie decided to betray his principles and teh Republican Party in order to "increase the likelihood of securing a positioin in a Trump administration," such as vice president or attorney general.  Obviously, the huiliating price of being "at the end of Trump's leash", because immediately evident, when Trump was caught telling Christie on a hot microphone, "Get on the plane and go home," with a dismissive, finger-pointing gesture. Similar debasements await other Republican Judases who endorse Trump, as well as the voters who expect him to protect American workers; their hero has been importing foreign labor for his building projects and other businesses, for decades. Eveyone should "consult with Trump's buiness associates, employees, and two ex-wives about the reliability of Trump's promises."

Moreover, adds Maine Writer, where's Sarah Palin, post her Iowa caucus endorsement of Trump? I suspect microphone envy is contagious, because she had been politically dormant until Trump planted her on a stage to prop up support from Christian voters, who seem to find his anti-immigration plan to be hypocritically consistent with their values.  

Now let's see this Trumponian line-up fall like stack of political dominoes arranged on Trump Towers.  
  • Governor Sarah Palin
  • Governor Jan Brewer
  • Governor Paul LePage
  • Senator Jefferson Beauregard "Jeff" Sessions III
(Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and John Kasich won't have to worry about endorsing Trump at July's national GOP Convention in Cleveland, like they were asked in the Detroit debate, because, by then, they'll be loosing the presideintal election to Secretary Hillary Clinton.)

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