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Sunday, March 06, 2016

Maine Democratic caucuses outstanding voter turnout - Emily Cain support

My honor this Sunday March 6th to speak in support of US Congressional candidate Emily Cain, the next Second District Maine Congreswoman.  
Lisbon Maine Town Hall- Democratic Androscoggin County Caucus March 6, 2016

When I was invited to speak at the Lisbon (Maine) Town Hall Democratic caucus, I had no expectation about how many people would attend. Nevertheless, the numbers who were already there at 1 PM, when I arrived, astounded me. Without any parking spots available, my car had to be parked on the shoulder of the busy Route 196, also known as the "Lisbon Road". I quickly  figures out, if tiny Lisbon could see so many Democratic caucus voters, then the same must've been going on throughout Maine.  I was right.
Lines were overhwelming the ability of the volunteers to register all who wanted to participate in the caucus.

Republican caucuses were held on Saturday, March 5th, when Maine chairman Rick Bennett made an eloquent report broadcast live on CNN-Cable news. If Bennett's report was taken literally, the international listeners would've thought Maine had hosted the definitive primary caucus of the entire presidential election.  In fact, less than 20,000 (twenty thousand) people participated in select Maine caucus locations. Although Senator Ted Cruz was declared "winner", the fact is, he received a measly 8,550 caucus votes.  Donald Trump, Marco Rubio, John Kasich, and the others in the line up also received a sampling of the remaining caucus votes.

On the other hand, Democrats who caucused today on Sunday March 6th, were unprepared for the volume of peopel who showed up to cast their support for one of two candidates. Clearly, by their high voter turnout, Democrats are anxious to kick Republicans out of their obstructive stranglehold on government.  

Emily Cain graduated from the University of Maine, earned a Master’s in Higher Education from Harvard University in 2004, and is currently working toward her Ph.D. from the University of Maine. She was elected to the Maine State House in 2004 at age 24, and served four terms. During that time, she focused on growing Maine’s economy, increasing access to higher education, and preventing domestic violence. In 2010, at age 30, Emily became the youngest woman to hold the position of State House Minority Leader in Maine history. She served in the Maine State Senate, where she worked to avoid a state shutdown and keep the state government working. Emily lives in Orono, Maine, with her husband, Daniel, and their dog, Bartlet.

Speaking in support of Emily Cain

1. My name is Juliana L’Heureux. I’m a registered nurse. I live in Topsham. I've worked with Emily on public policy related to health care in the Maine legislature.

2. We can trust Emily Cain to care about Maine people, I’ve seen her do it – she has steadfastly supported programs to help the children, the disabled, the poor, the hard working immigrants, and the middle class.

3. She supports improving access to quality education for all Maine people.

4. When Emily is in Washington DC representing Maine’s Second District, she will always have your best interest in mind. Her office in Lewiston will have regular hours and a staff who responds to your calls and concerns.

5. Emily’s progressive energy is rooted in experience. She’s held leadership positions within her own political caucuses and among the legislators. She works across political party lines to get things done.

6. I’ve been honored to know Emily Cain and delighted to be here to ask you to tell your friends and family to be sure and vote for her in November so we can put a Democrat back into Maine’s second Congressional district!

7. Can she do it? You bet she can……! But she needs all our votes to close the deal.

Maine deserves a better Congressional leader than the current Bruce Poliquin.  In fact, Emily Cain is the best qualified leader to represent Maine's Second District, and give the Congressional seat back to a Democrat!

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